Hashtag Printer Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Every invitee is a photographer with his or her smartphone. We give them a power to print those polaroid pictures instantly with zero extra efforts. Guests can share those photos on Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag, that's it. Within 9 seconds those photos will be printed directly from social media.

Selfie Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

With 50+ photo template options, selfie photo booth is the most reliable and popluar photo booth in the world. It creates a perfect solvenire or return gift for your guests. Every age group of people can enjoy selfie photobooth. It is also known has IPad Photo Booth, DSLR Photo Booth and Ring Photo booth.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Imagine an interactive, good looking and 5-feet tall smart mirror which clicks invitees and give them instant photo printouts in a beautiful customized photo template. It adds lot of engagement at your event, and its a must try for weddings and other social events.


Virtual Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

A weblink which can be accessed anywhere on a mobile, laptop or tab in the world, to click, customize and share photos. As it is virtual, it is perfect to engage your global or scattered audience. It is a cost effective & useful to create buzz before and during the event. If it worked well for Google, it will work for you as well.

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth is always in demand all across the world. Its simple to use and produces a great output, which everybody loves to flaunt. Guest(s) stand on a platform & get filmed from all angles with a rotating camera arm. Later the video can customized with slow motion and background music effects.

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Digital Mosiac in Visakhapatnam

All for one & one for all. Make your guests feel that they are an integral part of the event by installing Mosiac. Every guest will be clicked and all the photos will shown on a LED screen or smart tv to form a big picture. Final picture can be of your company logo, or the newly wed couple.

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Social Wall in Visakhapatnam

Flaunt the social media engagment. Our Social Wall software captures Facebook Mentions, Instagram Hashtags & Twitter Hashtags to create a collage to showcase all the posts live on a digital screen. It encourages others to post their views, photos or videos on social media in order to get features on the Social Wall.


Hashtag Campaign in Visakhapatnam

Hashtag Campaigns can increase your brand reach and social media engagement instantly. We can help you initiate a creative campaign around your brand activities and help you generate crazy amount of user-generated content. Overall it will boost your word-of-mouth digitally.

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Gif Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Bored with photos? let's create fun GIFs and share it around. Our GIF Photo Booth click 4-5 photos of your guests and combine them to create a perfect GIF, with multiple filtering options. Once created guests can email, whatsapp or share of social media instantly.

Video Slow Motion Booth in Visakhapatnam

Lose yourself with our Slow Motion Video Booth. Slow-mo booth is too much fun for people who knows how to party!! With great props and people our product produces great output, which your guests will cherish forever.

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Live Steaming of Events in Visakhapatnam

Wanna get more eyeballs and reach for your event on social media? It's simple. Let's go live with GoKapture. We can make your event, interview, performance go live in no time. You can publish full live stream to Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Green Screen Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Give every picture a unique touch with Green Screen Photo Booth. We can setup Green Screen Background, which can be replaced by any image of your guests' choice like their favorite place, decoration, branding, etc. It saves you the cost of the backdrop, and provides instant photo prints with choice of your backdrop.

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Virtual Reality Games on rent in Visakhapatnam

Have you ever experienced a Virtual Reality? If not, then you must book our latest Virtual Reality Games on rent anywhere in India. Dazzle yourself and your invitees, and experience a completely different world and take the trill quotient to its highest level.

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Augmented Reality Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Augmented Reality Photo Booth is the latest technology photo booth. It will make you feel that you are with your favorite celebritiy or you are at your favorite place. It is really engaging and creates great content around your brand. If your brand has a celebrity brand ambassador or you are a travel brand, it is a must for you.

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360 Degree Freeze Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

We create the best quality content with 360 freeze photo booth. With multiple camera placed all around, your guests get clicked from 20+ cameras in one shot. Later it will be combined and create a GIF. Invitees love to share these GIF, which can project them as a super hero. 360 & 180 Degree both options are available.

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Anti Gravity Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

We are not Elon Musk, and we can not take you to the space. But we can make you feel like you are in the space without gravity in our Anti Gravity Photo Booth. Get creative around your brand and create the best content which will get viral on social media.

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Physical Mosiac in Visakhapatnam

Bits & Pieces! Physical Mosiac has its charm and engagement. It makes everybody at your event feel good by providing them a simple and fun task of clicking their pictures and pasting on a marked board. Finally it create a beautiful big image or your company logo, couple photo or anything which you want.

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Bobble Head Activity in Visakhapatnam

Wann give something to your invitees, which they will never ever forget? you are looking at the right return gift, The Personalized Bobble Heads. Everybody loves Bobble Heads. Bobble head, also known as dancing heads is something which engages everybody at any type of events without fail.

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Boomerang Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Boomerangs are trending from quite some time now. Boomerang Booths are great fun for all type of events because all age group people can use it easily and produce great output. Guests can share their boomerangs via email, whatsapp or any social media platforms.

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Flip Book Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Whoever came up with the idea of the Flipbook, is a genius. It seems like an impossible task to create many flip books instantly at your event, but we do it. And we have done it many times. We will bring the complete setup and create instant Flip Books for every guests of yours.

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Light Painting Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Lighting is very important to click pictures, right? But for light painting booth, we shoot in the dark. We create the most amazing light painting photos of your guests, which they will love it once they experience it and see the results.

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Magazine Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Who doesn't wanna come to the cover of Forbes magazine? We make that happen instantly in your events. we bring the complete setup and instantly provide great frames to your guests which will be a moment of pride for them.

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Sketch Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Artists might take hours to create your one sketch, but with our instant Sketch Photo Booth we will provide every guests of your event their sketches instantly. Book your sketch Photobooth today, and surprise your guests.

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Sling Shot Activity in Visakhapatnam

Let's bring back our childhood memories with a fun twist. Your guests can give a feedback or post selfies on social media and just take a shot at it with the sling. The post flies and get stick on a wall.

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Strip Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

Consider it like a physical GIF. Strip photo booth is a very rich and beautiful concept, which your invitees will love n flaunt. 3-4 photos will be clicked back to back and printed in a strip of size 3x8 inches or 2x6 inches.

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Word Cloud Photo Booth in Visakhapatnam

An image speaks 1000 words. But what about an image which is made of words. That must be something, right? Our software converts all the photos in a word cloud pictures and prints it out instantly for your guests. It's a must try for corporates.

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Event Registration Software & Desks in Visakhapatnam

Our customizable event registration software helps you with smooth registrations for your events. From generating unique QR codes, printing badges, and providing onspot registration we take care of it all.

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