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Amplify your digital footprint creatively and with a purpose. Make it easy for your audience to recognize you and curate a personalized digital marketing strategy with the help of our hashtag campaign.

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What is hashtag campaign?

A prominent facet of social media marketing, hashtag campaigns rely on well-researched and personalized hashtags created especially for an occasion, blending in the trends in the respective field with a branded element for identification. They are mighty useful in forwarding a message, linking and reaching out to a much wider audience and simultaneously curating a feed that allows you a bird’s eye view of all your activity. Hashtag campaigns are most popular when promoting a particular brand aspect and generating awareness or launching a new event. Even beyond the corporate world, nowadays, hashtags have begun appealing the modern generation in their ease in documenting a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

A hashtag campaign can be designed by us to suit your campaigning and promotional requirements, infusing your brand elements, company motto and special, occasion-related features to magnify your social media reach and encourage a larger number of uses to participate in the digital festa by posting and sharing. This usually is achieved by designing a hashtag contest- advertising certain perks for the posts with the highest engagement, and a prize distribution ceremony or hashtags for giveaways can also be used as an incentive to increase the footfall of a physical event. Furthermore, we trace all your impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to showcase the guest entrees on your landing page or a customized digital wall to assist the online hype and generate social proof.

Hashtag Campaign benefits

Generate UGC

As an excellent participatory promotional strategy, hashtag campaigns provide diverse means to enable user-generated content to take the lead in spreading your story and in return, you can gather valuable information.

Digital word of mouth

A successful hashtag campaign gamifies the procedure, declaring winners and several incentives to boost participation and sharing, which further guarantees substantial word-of-mouth generated digitally to lend you both credibility and visibility.

Engagement & Fun

A creatively chosen hashtag for the campaign will also enable reciprocity from the audience, making them come up with interesting content to share based on the theme. Incorporating a human element into your marketing, this will allow the people to also react positively to your brand and come up with diverse output.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Hashtag Campaign

Simple organic reach is barely enough in today’s fast-paced, intensely competitive world to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Hashtag campaigns heighten visibility in the digital realm, and create much meaningful engagement than ordinary ad-runs. They may be used to make people aware of an upcoming event or product launch, a motivational or celebrity-led campaign, etc.

Of course, hashtag campaigns are for anybody. They are also usually more affordable than running ads and present greater scope for customization. Flexibly, they can help you reach your target audience and carry forward your personal narrative.

Hashtag-Campaign Gallery

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