Hashtag Printer

A Mobile Photobooth made with Passion.

Print live photos from Instagram with the event hashtags. All your guests need to do is, post a picture or selfie on their own Instagram account and use the #EventHashtag in the caption. Within 10 seconds, their photo will be printed at our Hashtag Booth at the event venue.

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Selfie Photo Booth

Simplest to use, with Great Output!

You might have heard about DSLR Photo Booth or iPad Photobooth or Selfie Stands or Green Screen Photobooth. They all are mostly the same.

The Photobooth stand consists of a DSLR Camera, DNP Photo printer, A Tab or iPad or Windows Screen to operate the system. A Green screen is optional, if you want to change the background after clicking the picture. You can create your own background also with your decorator.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

It's Really Magic

Imagine a 5 Feet long heavy mirror, your guests stand in front of it and get clicked. They can customize the picture and print it instantly.

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Virtual Photo Booth

World has gone Virtual. So why not photobooths!

Everybody loves a virtual Photo Booth, because they can use it anywhere in mobile or laptop.


1) Click on the link,
2) Open Camera
3) Click Photo or GIF
4) Customize it with your event branding, and
5) Share or Download it!

Check out our wedding, corporate and sports theme.

360 Degree Photo Booth

Stand and Deliver!

It comes with a platform, selfie stand and a great camera. The camera rotates around you and makes a GIF. It's too much fun!

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Bits & Pieces!

We provide both physical and virtual both types of mosaic. And the final output can be your company logo, your couple picture or any brand message.

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Social Wall

Go Viral with Social Wall!

Showcase social media content live on a digital screen. Our software can collect
(i) Facebook mentions and feeds,
(ii) Instagram hashtags, mentions and tags and
(iii) Twitter hashtags. We create cool grids and templates to showcase it live on the big giant screen.

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Hashtag Campaign

Generate Crazy Amount of Content!

Collect all the hashtags from different social media platforms and showcase it live on a screen or website. Let the visitors/participants know what others are sharing. Add a reward to boost the user-generated content.

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Gif Photo Booth

GIF booth is too much fun to have! Guests can make GIFs or Boomerang and share it on social media with their friends and family.

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