Instagram & Twitter Photobooth

Many have requirements for sharing content on social media during events. Instagram Photobooth or Twitter Photobooth or Hashtag Printer is the solution for you.

Instead of you uploading pictures on social media after the event, it makes more sense that your guests or clients upload those pictures/selfies on their own social media timeline. That is user-generated content for your event and gives you better visibility.

To know more about a Hashtag Printer, call us now.

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DSLR Photobooth in Mumbai, Maharashtra

All you and your guests need to do is Pose!

Yes, this is that simple.

Selfie Photobooth or Green Screen Photobooth all are the same. You pose, and the timer starts to click. Once clicked the picture automatically fits into a pre-defined template and the attached printer prints the photo out in 9-10 seconds. We have the option of printing 4x6 inches, 6x8 inches, 4x8 inches strips, and in many more customized sizes.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth in Mumbai

It's Really Magic

Imagine a 5 Feet long heavy mirror, your guests stand in front of it and get clicked. They can customize the picture and print it instantly.

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Virtual Photobooth in Mumbai, India

Virtual booth is for everybody. Because it provides fun, engagement, marketing, social reach and it’s so affordable that many of our clients take it on a monthly or weekly basis.

Customize your booth based on your event or brand, and use it daily. It will provide you with good mileage and engagement from your customers and guests.

If you are celebrating a wedding, or you have a restaurant to promote or you have a corporate event, a virtual booth fits all. Click on Learn More to check out the demos on our Virtual Photobooth page.

360 Degree Photo Booth in Mumbai

Stand and Deliver!

It comes with a platform, selfie stand and a great camera. The camera rotates around you and makes a GIF. It's too much fun!

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Mosaic in Mumbai

Bits & Pieces!

We provide both physical and virtual both types of mosaic. And the final output can be your company logo, your couple picture or any brand message.

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Hashtag & Mention Social Wall in Mumbai, India

What do you play on your screens in restaurants or on LED in your events?

Try a social wall and generate a good amount of content on social media, and engage the guests with live feeds. Many guests are happy to see themselves on a big screen. And for that reason, they share more & more content.

It’s very simple, guests upload photos, videos, reviews on social media and our software fetches that content in real-time and display it on your screen live beautifully. We can fetch content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The same concept can help you display your reviews, feedback and ratings from the different platforms on your website or live screens.

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Hashtag Campaign in Mumbai

Generate Crazy Amount of Content!

Collect all the hashtags from different social media platforms and showcase it live on a screen or website. Let the visitors/participants know what others are sharing. Add a reward to boost the user-generated content.

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Gif Photo Booth in Mumbai

GIF booth is too much fun to have! Guests can make GIFs or Boomerang and share it on social media with their friends and family.

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Social Events in Mumbai

Thinking of a return gift, or an engagement and fun product?

Look now for more!

GoKapture provides all types of Photo booths solutions for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby showers and other social events.

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Corporate Events in Mumbai

Solutions for Team engagement and bonding.

GoKapture provides Photo Booths, Social Wall, Hashtag Campaign and Mosaic solutions which not only provides engagement or fun, but also promotes your company. Call us for Conferences, Team Outings, Exhibitions, Festival, Product Launch, Engagement Events.

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Promotional Events in Mumbai

This is where we add a lot of value to our clients. Not only engagement but also we help brands go viral on social media on their promotional day. Hashtag Printer, Hashtag Contest, Social Wall, Mosaic are the top most products for promotional events.

Call us for store launch, Product Launch, Music Festivals, Restaurant-Pubs-Hotel Events, etc.

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Sports Eventsin Mumbai

Are you sponsoring any Marathon, cycling, sports tournaments?

If yes, you should ask yourself this question!

How many participants are actually getting to know or even noticing about your brand? Or your logo is just there for namesake?

GoKapture helps you promote your brand in online or offline sports events.

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Educational Events in Mumbai

Graduation Ceremony, Fresher Parties, parents meet are the events where the institute gets a good chance to promote itself with user-generated content. Imagine every participant clicking photos & videos and sharing them on facebook or instagram with your institute's hashtag, how much online reach your brand can get within a few hours!

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