Virtual Photobooth

Make your virtual events more FUN! Engage everybody at your virtual event with our virtual photobooth. Let them click, customize, and share their pictures from anywhere!.

It's simple, fun, and customizable.

Our virtual photobooth works great for online conferences, summits, weddings, and celebrations. It helps create engagement and generates great User Generated content that promotes your brand or event.


Branded booth
Any browser, Any device
Photo, Boomerang or GIF
Virtual Background

Use Cases of

Virtual Photo Booth

Your Participants Are Your Publicity Managers

When people have fun, they want all their friends to know. They post their pictures online and share their moments. That’s publicity at no cost.

Let your guests enjoy from wherever they are during this pandemic situation

Your Event Participants Are Your Event Promoters Involving your guests through virtual photobooth creates more excitement and fun.

Let your employees have fun and create buzz.

Your employees and team mates can have fun with virtual photo booth, and with the content they share online its a word of mouth for your brand.

Students get Engaged and You Promote Your Classes together!

World has gone digital, so as your classes. But let's not make it boring for your students. When students use your customized virtual booth, they can take pictures and share UGC on social media. It helps your brand to get new eyeballs.

Our Clients

What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

Virtual Photo booth is a customized web link which you can share with your participants.
Guests can click pictures, or shoot a GIF from their phone or laptop wherever they are all around the world.
There are multiple customization options available as photo frames, photo stickers/props.
And at the end they can share the photo or gif on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or email.

Virtual Photobooth


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