Engage customers to Bring more customers

Happy customers are the best marketing channels for your restaurants, resorts and pubs. Our engagement products will make sure your customers feel that extra thrill and engagement which makes them talk about you with their friends on social media and in person.

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Encourage them to Share

If your customers are clicking many photos in your ambience, Install Instagram Printer and Virtual Photo booth. Give them a reason to share the pictures on social media with your brand hashtags. It's like word-of-mouth for your brand.

Encourage them to Flaunt

Who doesn't like to see themselves on a wall of fame? Let them see themselves on a Digital screen with our Social Wall. Run a Hashtag Campaign, like 'Name a Dish' or 'Foodographer of the Month'.

Give Souvenirs, Get Customers

Having a weekend party? Install a photo booth, let them go crazy, and take an instant print home. Instant photos will have your brand on it. Even after years, they will have that picture with their friends and they will cherish the moments.



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