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Many theme parks, pubs, restaurants, resorts got benefited with our activities and ideas. Do you wanna flaunt your ambiance & crowd, or you wanna improve your social media engagement, or wanna boost word of mouth or want to generate marketing material, we got it all. If you are launching your new venture, must call GoKapture to discuss.


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Hashtag Printer

Every invitee is a photographer with his or her smartphone. We give them a power to print those polaroid pictures instantly with zero extra efforts.

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360 Degree Spin Photo Booth

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth is always in demand all across the world. Its simple to use and produces a great output, which everybody loves to flaunt.

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Video Slow Motion Booth

Lose yourself with our Slow Motion Video Booth. Slow-mo booth is too much fun for people who knows how to party!!

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Social Wall

Flaunt the social media engagment. Our Social Wall software captures Facebook Mentions, Instagram Hashtags & Twitter Hashtags to create a collage to showcase all the posts live on a digital screen.

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How did pragati resorts attracted more than 10 lakhs potential customers thru hashtag printing/ marketing

Pragati Green Resorts is a one-of-its-kind resort in the country – it is a man-made eco-village developed on barren land creating the feel of natural habitat.


How we provided a unique solution for creating UGC for an indoor adventure destination

The Great Escape is an indoors destination for adventure, mystery solving games, and puzzles in Hyderabad. A novel concept, it involves live escape games where a group will be locked in a room.


How mussaddilal jewellers delighted its customers and got great UGC in the bargain

One of the most reputed and oldest (established 1892) jewellery stores in Hyderabad, Mussaddilal Jewellers is a conventional, large scale jewellery store with customers spread all over the city.


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