Instagram Printer in Delhi NCR

Selfies are still in trend, and your guests or clients take many selfies. How to use those selfies and amaze your guests? Solution is GoKapture Instagram Photo booth Printer.

Step1: It’s very simple, we create a unique hashtag for your event.

Step2: During the event, guests can upload their selfies/photos on Instagram with the unique hashtag in their caption.

Step3: Voila.. !! Within 9 seconds that photo will be printed in polaroid format at our booth at your event, which can be collected by the guests anytime.

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Here are some videos.....

Selfie Photo Booth in Delhi NCR

Popular, Simple and Effective Photobooth. If you want guests to do nothing, then choose Selfie Photobooth.

You might have heard, DSLR Photobooth, Camera Booth, Green Screen Booth, Tab or IPAD booth. All are the same.

A green screen is optional, and it adds a lot of value. With Green screen we can replace the background with any other image, like Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or anything for that sake. So let’s make use of our imaginations and make the best out of it.

Magic Mirror Photobooth in Delhi NCR

You wanna show off to your guests? Hire a Magic Mirror. This product is very cool.

Software works just like the Selfie Booth but with more options. Guests can see themselves in a 5 feet tall mirror and get clicked. Also, they can customize their photos with many options available.

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Virtual Booth in Delhi NCR

A perfect virtual version of all your photo booth needs. And it’s very cost-effective. Our clients use it on a monthly basis as well.

It’s a simple web-based application, where all you need to do is click on a link and follow the steps. And you got yourself a photo booth in your hand. You can use it at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, promotional events, etc.

360 Degree Photo Booth in Delhi NCR

Stand and Deliver!

It comes with a platform, selfie stand and a great camera. The camera rotates around you and makes a GIF. It's too much fun!

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Mosaic in Delhi NCR

Bits & Pieces!

We provide both physical and virtual both types of mosaic. And the final output can be your company logo, your couple picture or any brand message.

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Social Wall in Delhi NCR

Go Viral with Social Wall!

Showcase social media content live on a digital screen. Our software can collect
(i) Facebook mentions and feeds,
(ii) Instagram hashtags, mentions and tags and
(iii) Twitter hashtags. We create cool grids and templates to showcase it live on the big giant screen.

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Hashtag Campaign in Delhi NCR

Generate Crazy Amount of Content!

Collect all the hashtags from different social media platforms and showcase it live on a screen or website. Let the visitors/participants know what others are sharing. Add a reward to boost the user-generated content.

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Gif Photo Booth in Delhi NCR

GIF booth is too much fun to have! Guests can make GIFs or Boomerang and share it on social media with their friends and family.

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Wedding in Delhi NCR

Planning a wedding, birthday, festival event? Call GoKapture.

With the experience of 500+ events, GoKapture team knows what suits your event and what will provide the best experience to your guests. And that’s what makes GoKapture team unique. Call us to experience our service.

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Corporate Events in Delhi NCR

Corporate events need to create engagement, bonding and fun in the office and that improve the culture. So if you wanna improve bonding and improve culture of your company, hire GoKapture.

We have great solutions for your events where you can get some social media promotions out of it as well. Call us to know more.

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Promotional Events in Delhi NCR

This is where we add a lot of value to our clients. Not only engagement but also we help brands go viral on social media on their promotional day. Hashtag Printer, Hashtag Contest, Social Wall, Mosaic are the top most products for promotional events.

Call us for store launch, Product Launch, Music Festivals, Restaurant-Pubs-Hotel Events, etc.

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Sports Events in Delhi NCR

Are you sponsoring any Marathon, cycling, sports tournaments?

If yes, you should ask yourself this question!

How many participants are actually getting to know or even noticing about your brand? Or your logo is just there for namesake?

GoKapture helps you promote your brand in online or offline sports events.

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Educational Events in Delhi NCR

Graduation Ceremony, Fresher Parties, parents meet are the events where the institute gets a good chance to promote itself with user-generated content. Imagine every participant clicking photos & videos and sharing them on facebook or instagram with your institute's hashtag, how much online reach your brand can get within a few hours!

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