This Club Opening at Baale Resort is a Sizzling Affair with 360 Degree Spin Booth in Goa

This Club Opening at Baale Resort is a Sizzling Affair with 360 Degree Spin Booth in Goa

At Baale Resort, Arpora, February 21, 2023 was a big day as the famed luxury resort inaugurated a club as the latest addition to the finest jewels on its property.

Inspired by the dream getaway of Bali, this luxury villa resort offers a serene escape amid lush greens and swirling pools and is a coveted destination for people to party, unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. Nestled in the lap of Arpora village, Baale Resort is nature’s haven, a complete package that offers several bedrooms, kitchen, bar, conference room and a restaurant to accommodate its guests’ varying needs.

Club Unravel, a statement of subtle opulence, began welcoming guests to an exclusive experience of gourmet meals, soothing vistas and other state-of-the-art amenities. As a resort-membership-only club, Unravel is sure to become the highlight of Baale Resort and host the crème de la crème of Goa.

For this grand club opening, the Resort sought GoKapture’s assistance for the finest photobooth in Goa to blend in well with the venue’s aesthetic and elevate the ambience accordingly. A star attraction at the club opening was GoKapture’s mighty beloved- the 360 degree spin booth. The perfect companion for a night of high glam and uber fun, the 360 degree video booth in India is in hot demand. It was easily a focal point at the venue, with guests lining up to step up on the booth’s mini stage and dance to the rhythm of the stars.

Semi-formal gatherings are a bit trickier to manage, but with GoKapture, one thing you can be sure about is making joyful memories. From academic congregations to athletic events, the 360-degree spin booth never fails to wow the crowd. To effortlessly revamp the setting of a restaurant or a resort for a special occasion, you can safely count on the Strip Photo Booth or the GIF/Boomerang Booth as these trendy, customizable booths are guaranteed to engage the attendees in a hip photo session.

Check out the quality of our 360-degree spin booth (Watch it in HD):

A pioneer in designing popular and bespoke event experiences that are in line with its customers visions for their brand or occasion at hand, GoKapture is committed to delivering the best of photo booths and other event technology in India and abroad.

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