Social Events

Thinking of a return gift, or an engagement and fun product?

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GoKapture provides all types of Photo booths solutions for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby showers and other social events.

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Corporate Events

Solutions for Team engagement and bonding.

GoKapture provides Photo Booths, Social Wall, Hashtag Campaign and Mosaic solutions which not only provides engagement or fun, but also promotes your company. Call us for Conferences, Team Outings, Exhibitions, Festival, Product Launch, Engagement Events.

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Promotional Events

This is where we add a lot of value to our clients. Not only engagement but also we help brands go viral on social media on their promotional day. Hashtag Printer, Hashtag Contest, Social Wall, Mosaic are the top most products for promotional events.

Call us for store launch, Product Launch, Music Festivals, Restaurant-Pubs-Hotel Events, etc.

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Sports Events

Are you sponsoring any Marathon, cycling, sports tournaments?

If yes, you should ask yourself this question!

How many participants are actually getting to know or even noticing about your brand? Or your logo is just there for namesake?

GoKapture helps you promote your brand in online or offline sports events.

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Educational Events

Graduation Ceremony, Fresher Parties, parents meet are the events where the institute gets a good chance to promote itself with user-generated content. Imagine every participant clicking photos & videos and sharing them on facebook or instagram with your institute's hashtag, how much online reach your brand can get within a few hours!

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Virtual Events

Fun and Engagement Ideas for Virtual Events

It is challenging to adapt to the new reality, and even tougher to have fun n engage your participants. GoKapture brings you products which will assure you the full fun and engagement at every virtual event of yours. Virtual Photo booth and Hashtag Campaigns.

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Recent Events