Why should companies use Hashtag Printer for sponsoring Marathons

Sponsoring marathons are a very famous phenomenon these days where each and every brand wants to include it as a part of their marketing or branding activity. And marathons have a great potential to engage the Target Group of the brand at various touchpoints and gives greater opportunity to establish the brand in participants’ mind.

Also, the exponential increase in the user base of social media platforms and increasing rates at which user-generated content is developed, marathons gives a perfect occasion for an individual to make a post or update about their participation. It seems that any and every gathering worth its digital weight is incorporating the hashtag printing station. Thus hashtag marketing is a good way to promote your brand at the marathon as hashtag marketing has amazing potential for brand reach and promoting user-related content.

JustKapture Innovations is one of the few or perhaps the only company in India that gives an End to End solution for hashtag marketing thru hashtag printer. hashtag printer is nothing but a simple 3 step process where the user has to upload their photo on their Social Media profile mainly Instagram and Twitter with a specific hashtag, which is always the brand hashtag and the hashtag printer will give a photo print on the branded frame in less than 15 seconds.

Now, this convergence of hashtag printing and marathons is a great combination to achieve any marketing objective of the brand which can be brand reach or generating user-related content or generating customer data or increasing the following of the brand on social media.

Who will not want to flaunt a lifetime memory of their marathon run? And that too when they have it as a beautiful photo frame of their favorite moment?

Check out how did Decathlon used hashtag printer in their marathon to engage the participants.

And in turn, brands earn a lifetime recall value in the mind of the customer as they take home the photo print in a branded photo frame.

It gravitates most of the millennials demographics towards the experience of hashtag printing and brand reach to a younger audience.

Marathons organizers have a great potential to convert this to their advantage and pomp up their event. There are several reasons other than this as to why you a need hashtag printer in your next marathon.

    1. Techy Touch: The hashtag printing process is very smooth and it gives a very sophisticated ‘tech-feel’ to the entire process. This will add up to the aesthetics value of your event and will jazz up the venue. The setup in itself is a way to attracts people and make them try it once as this is absolutely free for the user.
    2. Exponential reach: The hashtag marketing as discussed above has a great potential for brand reach and thus you can increase the visibility of your event to attract a greater number of participants thru social media promotions even before the event. JustKapture Innovations provide a campaign plan for pre-event and post-event promotions as well.
    3. Experiential Marketing: Hashtag Printing is a great addition to 5k runs, obstacle runs, full marathons, charity walks, and cycling events. The entire experience right from using the props to interacting with the brand and generating content brings a wow effect which differentiates your marathon from the rest to attract higher participation.

Let’s look at an interesting survey done by JustKapture to understand user behavior and recall during the marathon event.

In one of our marathons, we did a quick survey in Gurugram. We asked 50 participants to name 5 sponsors of the event. Here are the results.

      • 2 out of 50 can tell more than 5 sponsors name. [4%]
      • More than 50% knew only the title sponsor
      • Surprisingly 5 people couldn’t even tell the title sponsor’s name. [~10%]

This clearly proves that a visitor who does not interact with your brand during the event fails to recall your brand presence,

  1.  Recall Value: The branded souvenir which the user carries along gives tremendous boost in the recall value of your brand. The user is constantly in touch with your brand for more than 5 hours in the event and tit-bit discussions with group of friends later on. But also to not forget that they cherish this photo printed memory for life with your brand stamp on it. Isn’t it interesting?
  2. Brand moments and product experiencesWhen people go back, they take along a memento with your name imprinted on it. And when they recall it while reading your name on some board or catch hold of any of your products somewhere and share their experience with people, you know that they actually never went back! Given so many choices, it is highly likely of a customer to switch; however, his/her proclivity to swerve to the other side is usually abrogated when there is a high level of emotional quotient involved.

This is why you need a hashtag printer in your next marathon. You will only know the true worth of it once you experience it.

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