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The world is your oyster with augmented reality. Imagination has found a way to reality with AR and enables us to stretch the limits of edutainment. Put up a show your audience will never forget!


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What is augmented reality?

Bring in the latest technology trend to your show with augmented reality. An augmented reality rental has the ability to transform the event venue into fanciful visuals that will allow all your attendees in one place to share the same experience at once. Using augmented reality, you can teleport your guests into a make-believe world or bring closer to them a celebrity or superhero they have only dreamt of meeting. Thus, AR is especially useful if you provide tour and travel-related services, if you have a famous brand ambassador for whom it will not be feasible to attend every event held around the globe or if you wish to engage an incredibly young or varied audience in a meaningful manner.

Augmented reality for events can provide a truly immersive experience, and you can use sound and graphics to build up the ambience, narrate a story and allow the audience to explore the world with a feeling of novelty and adventure. AR is not merely decorative and reserved for high-tech realms of business, it is also functional and serves training, educational and trying and testing purposes from the military to makeup brands, and has found ways into daily life. With augmented reality, sky’s the limit (or is it?).

Augmented Reality Rental Benefits

Personalized engagement

Augmented reality extends every user’s reality uniquely and builds upon specific interaction to provide a more intimate brand experience. The involvement of emotions that comprises thorough immersion into an altered world not only promises a fun time that will surely be a once in a lifetime thing but also guarantees greater brand visibility and business appeal.

Innovative and informative

Infotainment is the principle of AR usage and derives from the immense technological potential of augmented reality to heighten sensory and cognitive experience.

Show, don’t tell

Augmented reality adds value to customer interaction by visualization and also ups the ante of the consumer goods and services by rendering them in their realistic potential.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about AR Rental

With augmented reality, one can develop a game too. AR games present thrilling challenges to the users by superimposing a precreated environment on top of their actual environment.

With augmented reality, one can visualize products to scale, navigate the constructed environment with a unique set of challenges and services at one’s disposal and thus gamify learning experiences sans cognitive dissonance. Augmented reality technology is employed in 3D models, measurement, gaming, virtual tours, military exercises, retail, etc.

Augmented reality for both live and virtual events finds numerous uses in brand promotion with its multimedia potential for storytelling and catering to individual consumer experiences that provides them a degree of control in navigating their transformed world. Augmented reality marketing amplifies perceived brand value and helps draw intimate connections with the items.

In corporate events, augmented reality can lend its services by uniting employees and guests in a shared magical experience on a grand scale. AR can boost your pitch, serve as an ice-breaker, invoke positive feelings towards the company with an immersive an informative guide of the journey until now, and a glimpse into the future.

Augmented reality may also be utilized creatively to elevate the atmosphere of a social gathering in a way that promises unending fun and keeps your attendees thoroughly absorbed. AR event ideas can be executed to invite special guests to the occasion, to engage the visitors in challenges and spice things up with a never-seen-before venue décor.

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