146 Creative Ideas for Corporate Events

You might well have fantastic speakers, a compelling event ideology, and a strong occasion product. Still, there's one thing you must remember when planning your next corporate event: make it entertaining and pleasurable!

The amusement you choose to showcase at company events can make or break the expertise of your attendees, whether your event is in person or powered by a simulated event application. If the amusement isn't up to par, your attendees will be less involved at best and assume your event isn't worth their time at worst. If your enjoyment, on the other side, is a hit, it will win the support of your guests and maintain them speaking about the event long after it is over.

What's the first step? Come up with a unique idea for your company's next event. Creative strategies can help your company produce different events. Here are 147 of our favourite team-building activities.


Team building ideas for corporates

  1. Staff Uniforms.

    Because the staff is just as essential to the aesthetic, including them in concepts and colour schemes is critical.

  2. Give everyone a chance to speak up

    Trying to put the control in the hands of the attendees opens up a world of possibilities for educational design formats that are both fun and playful. Consider using interactive methods like launcher microphones or polling applications to ascertain which content will be presented next.

  3. Augmented Reality (AR)

    What does Pokemon have to do with trade show entertainment? Take some ideas from the concept! We've all seen Pokemon Go's success; people are fond of bringing fantasy into their everyday lives. Using augmented reality to create fun games for various items adds excitement and engagement that you won't get from having attendees sit the entire time. ARVR Tech develops augmented reality application forms for multiple events.

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  4. Silent Conference

    Connect directly with your audience with a quiet conference that allows speakers to interact with the viewer. If your venue doesn't have separate areas, this is a great way to have a keynote while keeping the rest of your event running smoothly.

  5. Place the attendees in the centre of the room.

    In the linear shape of your event, there may be entertainment opportunities just waiting to be found. A Catchbox — a throwable microphone that adds curiosity and enthusiasm to Q&A sessions — is one way to spice up a typical Q&A session. Instead of taking forever to pass the headset around, the audience gets to interact and start chucking the microphone around the room, livening up the session.

  6. The Tree of Good Will

    This includes making a wish and hanging notes or ornaments on a tree. If you have guests check cards to add, the above can be used as a fundraiser for public gatherings or as a unique substitute to a memory book.

  7. Interactive Games that are Activated by the Public

    Developing technical allows you to display tournaments that are governed by audience interaction on large display displays. For instance, viewer voice powered up arm wrestling divides the audience in half and gives each half two different sounds, such as clapping or yelling.

  8. Exhibitions of Local Art

    Make an open house where aspiring artists can easily display their work. To make the selection extra diversified and offer it as a participation part of your event, create spots for various mediums such as photographers, sculpting, and watercolour.

  9. Parties to Recycle

    Repurposing is a growing and well-liked trend, so shift your attention to crafts and thrilling projects. Instruct people attending to bring recycled items that can be transformed into useful alternatives, such as public bird feeders!

  10. Festivals of Food

    Food festivals, especially those centred on prepared foods, themes, and locally grown, such as Local farmers Markets, are very popular right now. Provide a wide variety of food at booths from vendors who can provide taster specimens as well as offerings to buy.

  11. Clean-up in the Community

    A society clean-up has two distinct advantages. To begin, neighbours gather in public spaces to attach and teamwork. Second, having well-kept gardens, recreation areas, and public areas helps the entire society.

  12. Atmospheric Recreation

    Not all forms of entertainment necessitate a halt in programming. Tiny pieces of entertainment can always be carefully located all through your event.

  13. Workshop on Fitness

    Fitness trainings or ideas with good health undertones are always a hit, especially as attendees place a greater emphasis on their health. Play some upbeat music and get everyone moving with a leader on stage leading the crowd and through warmup and workouts.

  14. Caricatures for the New Media Age

    Forget paper and pens, this is cartoon version art for the digital age! Electronic caricaturists are among the most popular choices for corporate activities that require technology-based walkaround entertainment.

  15. Percussion in the Workplace

    Artists will undertake using products such as ladders, machinery, and other items aimed toward corporate customers. These showcases have a higher wow component since they are fast-paced and high-energy.

  16. Greetings, Coffee

    You get people through the door with free coffee (or tea) and afterwards wow them with the other events or initiatives by offering a chance for informal chats and collaborating with venues with a statement.

  17. Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual reality can be used to making a total attendees and keep them entertained. Such an type of entertainment can also be used to create engaging training sessions, allowing participants to participate in a "hands-on" training program that they would otherwise not have always been able to do.

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  18. Table Tea

    By putting meals and drinks on the table, professionals can concentrate on their discussions and conversations, rather than on the food. The idea of allowing guests to pour their own tea as well as cut one‘s own treats adds a level of casualness to the gathering, making everyone feel more at ease.

  19. Modern Conference Locations

    Don't want your meeting to look like a meeting? Use sleek or contemporary venues that are typically used for formal wear affairs and spruce them up to meet your needs.

  20. Webinars that are related

    Prepare a free two-part webcast that precedes the event and gets people who attended excited and informed, which include peek sneak peek from speaker systems as well as industry-specific information.

  21. Panel discussion Debate

    A great way to get rid of titles at a corporate event while also generating ideas and brainstorming. Panel discussions are exactly what they sound like: they allow everybody to speak freely, which increases the likelihood of innovation and strengthens teams.

  22. Assume the Baby

    Guess the baby is a pretty funny icebreaker which helps to break down barriers among managers the a level. Everyone draws in a photo of themselves when they were between the ages of one and three years old, and they must fit the baby to the picture!

  23. Dancing Heads or Bobble Head Activity

    We can create an Anti Gravitational attraction experience for guests while keeping your brand image and concepts in mind. Dancing Faces or Bobble Head Activity Your visitors will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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  24. Hire a Discussion Learning Coach

    A mixture of a specialist facilitator and MC with an experience in education and expert talking in a perfect world.

  25. Axe Throwing

    If you've never thrown or even treated an axe before, don't worry! Our knowledgeable and friendly coaching staff will teach you all you need to know about throwing an axe so that you can compete against your coworkers (or possibly your boss) in no moment.

  26. Projection-Mapping

    With projection mapping, you can take your event going to stage to the next level. The characteristic characteristics and curves of your space are transformed into a display exterior for video content by projection mapping. Through using projection mapping to develop an interactive customer experience, users can wow ones participants and generate buzz around your occasion.

  27. Lottery

    Friendly wagering on sporting events or outcomes can add a competitive element to a gathering get everyone talking and conversing. You can bid on anything in an office sweepstakes, from when an infant is due with what the climate will be like on a specific day, and the winner will receive half of a final pot.

  28. Orienteering

    Include team-building activities like orienteering on your agenda because it helps promote problem-solving and creative thinking, both of which are desirable qualities in a working group.

  29. Dress the Boss

    It is a company raising money idea that can be adapted for the event if a group meets their sales goals! Everyone votes on the costume, and when the goal is met, the boss is required to wear it to work for the day.

  30. Excursion to a Local Sporting Event

    If you live in the city with local sports teams, a company outing to a sports arena is always a hit. Attendees can unwind with a beer and some snacks while bonding over their support for the hometown team.

  31. Classy Table Tennis

    Table Tennis with such an Advanced Twist is a popular game. Table tennis is simple to turn into mini contests, and up to four people can play at once. For a company retreat, organise a round robin format with teams or play "first to five" games to keep things simple for a company retreat.

  32. Responsive Flooring

    Whether it's for a catwalk, event opening, or main hall floor, engaging and interactive flooring can be a fun event concept that is a big hit and makes the venue more participating without the need for permanent fixtures or modifications.

  33. iPad Magician

    iPad magicians are the ideal act to amaze and amuse your guests at technology and gadget events. Many high-profile brand names and events are keen to experience this special brand of magical enjoyment, which is performed by iPad magicians in tailor - made showcases for the digital world.

  34. Giveaways

    Run a contest to raise event awareness, with the prize being event seats available or a VIP experience for attendees! This encourages visitors to follow up and inspires everybody to start sharing before the event, plus you'd hope the champion would share their stories as well for a little FOMO!

  35. Ambassadors

    This could be anything from an expert in the industry to a celebrity or influencer, but it requires you to pay them to advertise your event. Use techniques to interact your core fans in sharing and profiting from each ticket sold.

Outing ideas for corporate

  1. Paint Night Online

    Colour nights are famous events held at restaurants and bars where attendees can join for a low fee and enjoy a snack while those who paint. They make excellent fundraising events and are yet another type of event that can be easily converted to a virtual format.

  2. Digital Mosaic

    Allow your supporters to create a large collage of one's logo or any other image.

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  3. Lenses on Snapchat

    Make these advance or inspire attendees to use sponsored lenses at your event. These lenses enable users to create layers that communicate with real-world objects, allowing you to make a number of elements or props move when considered in the context.

  4. Competitions

    Any corporate incident can be made more lively by friendly competition. Relay races, scavenger chases, photo contests, and trivia all are good ways to add some competition to your event.

  5. Balloon Roof.

    Corporate events require exceptional styling, and while this concept is Gatsby-inspired, it is still elegant and sophisticated. A trailing balloon ceiling that spread outwards incorporated a sense of contact to the event, drawing on the dark and warm.

  6. Videos of Featured Speakers

    Request that your presenters send short clips (shot in landscape mode on their smartphones) explaining why your viewer should attend their meeting and what they will cover.

  7. Improve your social media presence.

    Many times, social networking handles for events will wake up a couple of years before the occasion, only to fall asleep a month later. You will end up losing your algorithm impact on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in the modern era.

  8. Make strategic use of content marketing.

    You need to figure out your SEO strategy if you really want to rank higher in The search engines and convert attendees who are searching for events. To stay on top of things, read this thorough effective promotional guidance with thousands of event marketing techniques.

  9. Sponsorship Activations with Gamify

    Incorporate engaging ways for your sponsors to highlight their product or service in a fun, playful manner. Consider giant swag vending machines, enjoyable ball pit chill-out areas, or even CSR give-back channels.

  10. Local Government Event Promotion and Suppliers

    While we recognise the value of paid speaker systems and performers in helping promote an event, particularly on social media, we frequently overlook suppliers who have already registered to participate. You're as well bringing business and money to your event space.

  11. The radio

    Some could assert that radio is no longer relevant, but it should not be dismissed. Local radio can aim your intended audience and increase awareness for local events, whereas national radio, whereas more expensive, seems to have a much wider reach.

  12. Coffee Art

    This conduct gives a whole new meaning to the term "instant art"! Your guests will be giddy with excitement to share these small, drinkable works of art on social media. The artist captures the likeness of event attendees in their own cup of delicious coffee using a portable coffee machine.

  13. Hashtag Printer Can Help You Go Viral on Social Media

    Install GoKapture Hashtag Copier if your participants are going to take a lot of selfies. We could indeed make your experience a social media sensation.

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  14. Retro Video Games

    Enhancing nostalgia to an occasion can make it more enjoyable, and retro video games can transport participants back to their youth. This fantastic idea takes it to the next level by including a massive component.

  15. Breakfast with Pancakes

    Serving a pancake breakfast is a great way to get everyone excited for a morning event. It's tasty and reasonably priced because you can choose from a variety of toppings and don't have to worry about the other foodservice options.

  16. Show off your posh side with golf simulators.

    Most have never played real golf, but our golf simulators can give us that experience. This item was a hit with our team, and we're confident it will be a hit with your attendees as well.

  17. Install motion games to keep attendees engaged

    Want to make attendees compete with one another? There are numerous options available. Let's connect and see what works best for your company.

  18. Sensor Apps

    Our team enjoys tinkering with chips and sensors. Your goods can be tagged, and any details can be displayed on a live screen. It's a good idea to use it for your specific products. This is ideal for retail brands.

  19. Chocolate creating

    It is a nice alternative to cooking sessions, and it's a sweet treat that many people can't resist. It allows for chocolate decoration as well as custom packages such as candy shop excursions (and chocolate tasting). For those with a delicious tooth, this will be a massive yes.

Unique and Creative ideas for corporate events

  1. Dine Your Way 'Round the World'

    A Dine All around Major event is a fun way to mix up a particular corporate party by setting up food stations all over the place that serve traditional foods from all over the world.

  2. Masquerade

    Create a sense of mystery by incorporating a masquerade theme into a corporate event such as a gala or awards dinner. It allows everyone to relax and enjoy themselves for the evening, regardless of their roles or titles.

  3. Regard a mixology class for a team

    Building activity that is sure to be entertaining. Participants will learn how to make their favourite drinks and will have the opportunity to sample them along the way.

  4. Night of the Open Mic

    We've all done karaoke before, but how about a live band? This type of entertainment enables people to relax and enjoy themselves. Allowing your guests to experience what it's like to be a "rockstar" on stage while their friends cheer them on.

  5. Regatta of Cardboard Boats

    A corrugated boat regatta is a great way to get the crowd involved if you have direct exposure to a lake or maybe even a large pool. Teams collaborate to design and build their boats out of nothing but paperboard, duct tape, and paint, and then race them in a tournament format.

  6. Garden Games for Giants

    Create a family game titles day in which you can split into teams that play overly large games like chess, connect 4, or Jenga to bring back memories.

  7. A Movie Screen in the Open Air

    Organize a drive-in showing of an old film, where cars could indeed pull up but still be greeted and orders taken by staff. It's a fantastic way to bring everybody together while still giving everyone their own space, which is ideal for the introverted society.

  8. Gardening

    Start a lawn and garden public event to spruce up the media areas, care for the existing facilities, and possibly plant more trees to improve the local scenery.

  9. Quizzes

    Encourage team members to participate a local event to increase attendance and add a competitive aspect that most people enjoy. Make it a pay-to-play trivia event, where teams contribute money to play shorter editions of a pub quiz during the day and and see how one‘s scores stack up.

  10. Bake-off

    Provide cooking courses and workshops with the option for attendees to contribute their creative works to the food court (or sell them for fundraising.) As an interesting endorsement idea, restaurants and bars could set up a pop-up stand to satisfy in return for signboards. You might, of course, turn it into a competition.

  11. Block Party/Street Party

    While these could be hard to obtain permits for (if the street needs to be closed), they are outstanding and unforgettable because they bring neighbours together, making them more likely to be repeated. These customs contribute to the creation of safer neighbourhoods and provide children with a more welcoming environment in which to grow up.

  12. Walking Tours in the Neighbourhood

    Include a walking tour as part of your event so that participants can see some of the best local attractions. It could be based on a theme, such as eateries, breweries, or delicious local, or it could be based on cultural or historical importance.

  13. Tours of Residences

    Recognize it. We're all curious about what our neighbours' houses are like on the inside. Home tours allow proud homeowners to show off their homes while also allowing curious visitors to see how their neighbours live, get home new designs, and communicate and connection with others in the neighbourhood.

  14. Driven by the Community

    Give something back by organising a drive for a cause that benefits them directly. For example, turn on some music and have everyone pick up trash in the neighbourhood park before rewarding them with occasion fun and games.

  15. Stations for making crafts

    Including a participatory element, such as craft stations, provides a break for the artistic people and can be transformed into a memento of the event.

  16. Include a dash of regional flavour

    When planning trade show entertainment, keep the position of your event in mind. What are some ways to incorporate the setting into your show? Luau dancers, mariachi bands, or a swamp tour, for instance, if your incident is in Orleans.

  17. Pop-Up Shops

    Pop-up stores that cater to immediate needs keep the society on their toes. An open air pizzeria that comes once a quarter to cook stone-baked pizza with in open air is a fun idea. It establishes a focal point and gets that everybody talking!

  18. Auto Show

    Give the people an opportunity to show off one‘s sweet rides by hosting a car show, which can be done on a shoestring budget. Live bands, food vendors, and prizes for top honors are some other ideas for a unique car show.

  19. Training for Local Services

    Kids enjoy seeing a fire truck or officers car up close, and you can combine fun activities with learning. Protests by your city services can raise awareness while also improving relationships with the public.

  20. Bloodmobile

    We all know how important it is to give blood, so welcome the blood drive van to your occasion and create incentives to everybody who donates, such as freebies, swag, or free food. At the very least, it will increase awareness, so it's a win-win situation.

  21. Festivals of the Season

    Seasonal festivals are great ways to bring people together and foster a sense of community. Seasonal carnivals can be as simple or as intricate as your finances allow, and they can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  22. Officials from the community

    Invite the chancellor or local officials to your occasion to conduct a Q&A or panel discussion so that participants can form good relationships with stakeholders while also receiving important information.

  23. Photobooth for Magazine Covers

    Allow your attendees to be featured on well-known magazine covers. We'll take a picture, edit it, print it right away, and shape it for your visitors.

  24. The Magic of the Circus

    Circus components can be incorporated into an exhibition during an award show or a welcome night, as well as woven into the occasion itself.

  25. Organize a Roast

    Consider Dean Martin's famous Celebrity Roast. Many staff members would relish the opportunity to watch their boss or CEO be roasted, and even participate in it. This could be a great way to liven up a business meeting. A roast can be served as part of a meal or on its own.

  26. Performers of Stunts

    Stunt entertainers make a lasting impact and have severe wow factor, from smoke foodies and blade chasers to stunt bikes and ball techniques.

  27. Allow them to interact and become engaged

    Collaborative installations are the most engaging; people can play with them every day.

  28. Dance Lesson for a Group

    A group dance teaching could be a great time to consider your as a whole usually related and get participants out of one‘s shell as well as having fun if your incident includes singing and dancing.

  29. Dance-a-Thon

    Make your event emotional with music, and have an eclectic collection of genres to appeal to anyone and everyone. Offer a dance-a-thon for couples to participate in, or simply play nonstop music till the party is over.

  30. Drinks on the Move

    To cater your event, hire a beverage or food truck. It's casual, but there are sophisticated possibilities and bespoke drinks available, and you can park and leave at any time.

  31. Wakeboarding Cleanup

    To keep watersheds clean and viable, a current trendy trend is to use inflatable kayaks or small boats to collect litter. Volunteers can assist in raising awareness and educating passers-by about the harm that trash can cause to natural fauna and ecosystems.

  32. Scavenger Hunts

    Make a communal or municipal public space the ideal location for treasure hunts! These could be creative, such as QR codes that offer digital benefits, or they could be more straightforward, such as tasty treats for the actors. It could be another local sponsorship idea, with local businesses providing prizes to be found.

  33. Aroma DJ

    Isn't it true that smells evoke memories? Why not hire an aroma DJ to leave your guests with a lasting impression of your event? These new and exciting DJs mix a mixture of oils, incense, and real pheromones in a "aroma laboratory," "controlling the vibes of the main stage by blending a seamless blend of scents!"

  34. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station

    A liquid nitrogen frozen yogurt action facility is a fun and different way to serve dessert. To create a custom flavour, attendees select their favourite flavours and toppings. The ingredients are then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen, and their ice cream is made right in front of their eyes. This type of dessert terminal works especially well with a science-obsessed crowd!

  35. Dance Crews with Video Mapping

    These are going to prove to be a big hit at corporate events. As humans and machines merge, new technology have made entertainers to start taking their dance/visual performance results to the next level.

  36. Live bands/MCs

    While this isn't a new concept, live bands have proven to be a reliable source of corporate event entertainment. Big names can generate a lot of interest. However, highly entertaining that doesn't break the bank is easy to come by. Consider hiring a local band or even your invited guests.

  37. Zorbing is another adrenaline

    Pumping activity that can be done in open space and is a thrilling experience. If you're looking for a fun way to bond with your coworkers, try zorb football, which entails hilarious efforts at football while jammed into a huge zorb ball.

  38. Food Tours

    A food tour is a great way to get out of the headquarters, eat delicious food, and learn about the culture and background of your city. A food tour begins with participants meeting at a designated location and then departing to explore the city, halting for food tastings all along the way. A food tour allows your guests to get out into the society, interact with one another, and create long-lasting memories.

  39. Boomerang Photo Booth

    This is a cool Boomerang Photo Booth. Add labelled props to the Boomerang booth and watch the magic happen. These boomerangs can generate a lot of UGC and social networks reach because people love to share them.

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  40. In the Dark, a Light Painting Booth

    Put us in a darkened room with no light and watch the magic happen. We use light drawing to create long-exposure photographs. We can tailor it to your brand's requirements.

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  41. Photo Booth with a Green Screen

    Do you want to transfer your guests to a different world with cool backgrounds? Allow your guests to pick their favourite cover image and receive a print of their photos right away.

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  42. Artists who work with sand

    For a variety of business events, these great artists will undertake custom sand animations. These shows have a strong wow factor, ensuring that your incident will be recalled!

  43. Comedians

    Laughter can help people remember your event in a positive way, and a great comedian can also serve as an MC for other aspects of the event. If you don't hire a comedian whose material fits your tone and population, you might end up being remembered for all the wrong purposes.

Ideas for virtual corporate events

  1. Fundraising on a peer-to-peer basis

    To boost donations, peer-to-peer crowdfunding depends on sharing the fundraising event with their networks. Even though this form of fundraising frequently includes a physical element, such as a triathlon, an all-digital fundraising event is also possible.

  2. Photo Booth with Kinect Live Background

    Kinect is a fantastic piece of hardware. We can use it to create various games and interactive experiences, such as a Kinect molecule collector or hand gesture games, among other things.

  3. Holograms

    Consider the possibility of holograms of folks or characters appearing at your next company event. Hologram technology is expensive and time-consuming, but if you can squeeze it off, your participants will remember it for a long time.

  4. TI Bots (Technical Intelligence Bots)

    Tibots is an out-of-the-box entertainment concept for your next corporate event. Imagine a swarm of robots invading your event, complete with smoke and lamps!

  5. Selfie with a Celebrity

    Augmented Reality allows your brand ambassador to interact with each and every one of your customers. Who do you prefer, Virat or Kareena? You decide.

  6. Hashtag Mosaics

    Hashtag Frescoes allow visitors to engage more deeply throughout your event by contributing to the creation of an event mural through social media. Here's how it works: participants take a photo at your event and then share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag for your event.

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  7. LED Robots

    LED robots range in size from R2D2 but something much bigger and more threatening. Your guests would be talking about that now whether they're jamming to the music or merely telling jokes and trying to pose as a fascinating prop for selfies.

  8. 3D Photo Booth

    The photo studio is undergoing a transformation! With this 3D result, you can capture participants from all angles and generate fun social mainstream press shareables.

  9. Globe Photo Booth

    Well with Sphere Photo Booth, you'll feel like you're on top of the world. We offer instant paper copies of your globe selfies, which is a fantastic concept.

  10. Anti Gravity Booth

    With your brand image and ideas in psyche, we can start creating an Anti Gravity experience for visitors. Your visitors will have a once-in-a-lifetime expertise.

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  11. Interactive Wait Staff

    If you have a massive gathering but limited space, such as for setup, engaging wait staff can help you get on their level. This could include singers and dancers, as well as imposters, rollerbladers, and portable tables, all of whom serve meals and drinks while communicating with guests.

  12. Actors in the Air

    Aerial decoration, artists, and performers performing just above the audience's heads are a sure-fire way to engage the viewers with limited floor space or room. Suppose you have a massive gathering or audience. In that case, it makes the location more interactive as a whole by encouraging attendees to look upwards and allowing you to utilise dead space without compromising the floor area.

  13. Interactive Audience Games

    Incorporate audience gameplay into your general session subject matter to keep your customers engaged and invested. Live props, such as a beach ball or, more famously, an inflatable whale that, when thrown around by the viewer, governed a video game on stage, are examples of audience games.

  14. Celebrities/Influencers

    Invite famous people or bloggers to attend, talk, or communicate to generate interest in your event. You could also have each other do a distant Q&A session as part of the entertainment on ones social media network.

  15. Street Performers

    Invite street performers to your occasion to help you create a metropolitan atmosphere. They're always common because of their novel approach for perfomance, and you could include beatboxers, tricking, break choreographers, or handmade instruments in your lineup.

  16. Photo Booth with an Interactive Magic Mirror

    A 5 foot tall mirror that can take photos, print photos, and communicate with your visitors. The pictures can be printed using one of more than 50 templates.

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  17. Photo Booth with 360-Degree Spin

    Simple product with a lot of potential for being creative and making great videos. Guests are enthusiastic about posting these videos to their Instagram feeds and Whatsapp statuses. Perfect for any occasion.

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  18. Mazes with augmented reality

    Turn small spaces into huge opportunities with AR games such as these mazes, which appear simple but transform into a challenge and participatory activity with the help of virtual reality. It's also interesting to watch externally.

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  19. Display with a Flip Disc

    At your next occasion, include a kinetic flip disc showcase to allow attendees to literally interact with brands. To display your logo, a flip disc display employs a 3D webcam and reconfigurable screens covered in discs.

  20. Make Play Zones

    To not-so-subtly encourage play, designate regions of your convention for open play at all times. At huge gatherings, on trade fairs storeys, and at outdoor events, giant nostalgia tournaments like Jenga, Attach Four, and Twister have become a staple.

  21. Beacons

    Beacons are no longer limited to the B2C world. This cutting-edge technology is changing the way event planners interact with participants both during or after the occasion.

  22. Fishbowl Conversations

    It is a new brainstorming progression at conferences, in which a central circle of attendees sits and talks about a topic in depth while an external circle watches!

  23. Booths with video cameras

    If you're looking for content for your event highlight reel, a video booth is a great way to capture the sentiment from attendees. Then it can be edited around each other or used as the ideal video testimonial; simply inform attendees of your plans.

  24. Influencer marketing with a purpose

    Influencer marketing is key tactic for selling tickets, according to 18 percent of event planners. Determine which influencers in your niche work collaboratively with events. We're not talking about the general influencer marketing who are well-known on a particular social media platform.

  25. Signage for Security Lanes

    Change the colours of your webpage for a restricted time to reflect the theme or ambience of your occasion. You could include a homepage that directs you to the event details, including FAQs and other details that attendees will require.

  26. Installation of Experiential Art

    Experiential art exhibitions are a fun and different way to raise brand awareness and educate with the general public. Though an experience - based art installation can be costly – you must pay for space in a high-traffic area, as well as the art and maintenance for the period of the installation – it is well worth it.

  27. Your executive team should be gamified

    Scavenger hunts are a fun way to make your conference or event more interactive using your event app. Adding a game element to your leadership board is a great way to add a new dimension to this conference staple.

  28. Giveaways That Will Last

    Giveaways, when used properly, can be a successful marketing tool for increasing client brand recognition and brand consciousness. However, giveaways are frequently used without regard for their environmental impact. Consider a sustainable giveaway if your company wants to become even more environmentally aware.

  29. Meetups are a great way to meet new people.

    You should nourish your local area with month - to - month group meetings in the months prior to the event to keep interest in the subject alive. If you want your core community to act as ambassadors once big event arrives, you must invest in them.

  30. Increase your press factor.

    Is there a press strategy in place for your event? Local news outlets are lookout for the day's big storey. You should do everything you can to reach out to local media. It's critical to get as much free insurance as possible.

  31. 5Ks

    This flaunting trend is quickly becoming a popular addition to meetings, providing a healthy action that provides many people a sense of accomplishment.

  32. Build-Up Videos from Behind the Scenes

    To generate interest, post vids on youtube of the set-up and the exclusive behind-the-scenes clips throughout the day. Audiences enjoy seeing "behind the scenes," so show them how your event came to be.

  33. Attendees' pre-event Q&A

    Some attendees may be put off by the unknown factors, and you've not communicated as well as you'll get. Hosting an event-specific Q&A means allowing you not only to encourage the lineup as well as essential characteristics, but also to answer any logistical queries "straight from of the horse's mouth."

  34. Photo Booth - Instant Flip Books

    Flip books are a fun item to give away as part of your brand activation functions. We snap photographs from a brief clip, publish it, and attach it.

  35. Slow Motion Video Photo Booth

    With nice effects, video sluggish motions look fantastic. User-Generated Content from a Video Slow Motion Youtube clip Booth can be extremely valuable to your business.

    Book Slow motion Photot Boothwith GoKapture, now!

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  36. Trade Shows with a Long-Term Plan

    The cardboard booth has become popular at trade shows and exhibitions. They are not always quirky, simple to sign, and extremely adaptable to space and requires, but they also demonstrate CSR for a brand. Furthermore, getting to the event is simple.

  37. Animal Safari

    It may not be as difficult as you think to immerse your guests in a safari. If you're having an event in Florida, for example, Disney's Animal Kingdom is a great place to get in tune with nature. With both the help of the local zoos or animal trainers, you can go on a mini-safari.

  38. Potluck

    Each attendee brings a food product to make a contribution to the buffet table, which is a great community catering idea. Hosting an outdoor BBQ, where a designated griller prepares the entrees and other neighbours are in charge of sides and fixings, is a fun twist on the traditional potluck.

  39. Photo Booth with Stripes

    These are dubbed "cool and personalised book marks" by a select few of our customers. With just three clicks, a 3x6" picture strip with your logo can be printed at your event in seconds.

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  40. Photo Booth with a Word Cloud

    Choose your branded keywords, then allow your guests to click and publish photos that include those key phrases.

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  41. Show with Drones

    Drone highlights are becoming increasingly popular. Just make sure to discuss it with your occasion production house to see if it'll work for you.

  42. Hot Air Balloon with a Tether

    This serves a dual purpose: it provides attendees with a special experience at your event by providing a ride while also serving as a massive advertising or signage opportunity to capture consideration to the event!

  43. Booths that are very helpful

    Add a booth that can provide guests with free (or low-cost) useful services that they may not be able to get elsewhere. A free child car seat verification, oil test, or tyre pressure check, for example, can be a great partnership idea for public events.

  44. Sales of "Nearly New" items

    These carnivals are intended to help communities reduce waste by selling items those who no longer need or want, and that they are especially successful for child's and baby products that aren't taken to wearing as often.

  45. Swimming with a Polar Bear

    A polar bear diver is an interesting and entertaining way to get your community out if the weather gets cold. It is not for the faint hearted. Participants in a polar bear swim usually take a quick dip into the sea, a pond, or an outdoor swimming pool.

  46. Selfie Photo Booth

    Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind branded souvenir for your guests? This product provides excellent results while taking up less space and being cost effective.

    Book Selfiee Photo Booth with GoKapture, now!

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  47. Physical Mosaic

    You will receive a gaint collage of tiny photos that will combine to form your logo or any picture of your selection.

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  48. Magic Portrait

    Allow us to observe the magic in a dark room with no light. We take long-exposure photographs with light drawing. With this portrait, we can customise it to meet your company's needs.

  49. Virtual Paparazzi

    Who doesn't enjoy being followed by paparazzi? We adore them, and we're sure your guests will as well. For your events, we generate new paparazzi.


We hope that these corporate event adventure ideas have provided you with the motivation to plan your upcoming event.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the key points we've discussed:

  1. Think about what your target audience wants. Pre-event surveys can help you confirm your entertainment choices.

  2. At the finish of the day, your amusement should be consistent with your event brand and, as a result, your event objectives.

  3. Maintain your spending plan in mind when planning your event. What will the cost of entertainment be? Are you able to reach an agreement?

Your audience will be impressed by the event software characteristics you are using to power your event, in addition to the amusement you provide.

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