141 Ideas to drive more attendees to Exhibition booths

For associations and organizations who want to recruit new members or draw people to understand the value of their products or services, in-person events such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows remain crucial. Organizers and sponsors must work together to develop these events, which means relying on reliable sources of funding, which will give sponsors access to a highly targeted audience as well as enhanced exposure. For events where exhibitors or sponsors have a booth, a cost-effective marketing strategy is crucial to maximizing the benefits of the symbiotic organizer-sponsor relationship. However, many sponsors and organizers tend to be wary of adopting new ideas. As a result, foot traffic goes to other venues. Even if you don't have a dedicated marketing department or a limited budget, you can still attract visitors to your booth.

Here are 141 ideas to drive more traffic to your exhibition booth.

1. The Key to Success Is Preparation

Send out invites in advance, promote your event as much as possible through your social channels in the lead-up to the event, and, where possible, schedule appointments to ensure a chance to speak with your most important prospects. If you have any opportunities to meet face-to-face with your clients, be sure to spread the word and do some self-promotion so that they know about them, especially if there is a chance to attend an industry exhibition.

2. The Hashtag Printer Photo Booth

Enables everyone to become a photographer using a smartphone. They can print those Polaroid pictures instantly, with no extra effort on their part. That's it, guests can share their photos on Instagram or Twitter with the #eventhashtag. Images will be printed within nine seconds.

Few Examples:

a) Hashtag Printer at UBM, Hyderabad

b) Hashtag Printer for SEMRush, Bangalore

c) Hashtag Printer at Elecrama, Greater Noida

d) Hashtag Printer for Avendus, Mumbai

3. TreeHouse

Attendees can wander upstairs to different rooms and lounges where the exhibitor is showing their products in action, creating a remarkable way to make their experience memorable, as well as giving attendees the chance to relate to the display and consider the product in their everyday lives. It is designed in the style of a treehouse (complete with a tree!) which can be accessed from different sides of the stand so that a lot of people can attend at the same time.

4. Smart Matchmaking

Making valuable, profitable connections is the aim of any exhibition. Exhibitors are interested in connecting with prospects who are in the market to purchase. Take advantage of technology to arrange those perfect meetings. The attendees of many events now use smart matchmaking technology, which matches their needs with the services or products of the vendors. Matchmaking of this type makes the time spent at the event more productive and efficient for both sides.

5. Sweets

There are hard mints, boiled sweets, lollipops, and pick 'n' mix on display at exhibitions these days. However, sweets are always popular.

6. Unique regional products

If the exhibitor is from Nashik, it may be able to offer tasting sessions of Sula wine. However, you shouldn't expect a lot of samples.

7. Accessories to Complete Your Stand

In addition to the initial design and layout of the stand, the finishing touches also play a crucial role. You can enhance the look of your exhibition stand by adding accessories. These additions are not only attractive but also useful.

8. Set up a corporate dress code

When visitors recognize who your staff members are, they are more likely to inquire about your business - don't make them search for your staff members! It is possible to provide a friendlier environment if the dress code doesn't have to be formal. Your brand will look more professional with a smart dress code. First impressions are irreversible, so looking professional is paramount.

9. Choose Your Stand's Location Carefully

When choosing where you want your exhibition stand to be located, make sure you choose a location with high foot traffic. Your staff will remain busy and will look more professional if they are working in a high traffic area. No one wants to visit a stand where their staff is bored and uninterested. You can usually reserve your stand shape, size, and location when you register to exhibit at an exhibition. Booking your stand at the earliest possible time will ensure you get the best spot.

10. Hashtag Campaigns

Instantly increase the reach of your brand and social media engagement with hashtag campaigns. Create a creative campaign around your brand activity and generate a lot of user-generated content with our assistance. Your reputation will be boosted positively.

11. Staff with enthusiasm

If you want your exhibition stand to attract visitors, your staff members should be a mix of friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable. There should also be some "hook" candidates who can catch people's attention and some spotters who can bring them onto the exhibition stand. Your show's success will depend on having an enthusiastic team that understands its goals and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve them.

12. Create an interactive experience

While you may not be able to provide customers with hands-on experiences at every stand, if you have the option, allow customers to get involved in your business by providing product demonstrations and utilizing interactive touch screens to engage them.

13. Learn about your stall neighbors

You should know who your competitors are. You should therefore check in advance to see if your competitors will also be exhibiting. You can find the exhibitor list online most of the time. Find out as much as you can about what your competitors' booth looks like and adapt your exhibitor strategy accordingly.

14. Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Simply attending an exhibition isn't sufficient. To increase traffic at the stall space, pre-event marketing must be done. Inform your customers that you will participate in the exhibition by inviting them. You can attract customers to your portable stall by creating a marketing plan before the event. Using multiple channels will increase your exposure to the exhibition.

15. Table hockey

Table hockey is one of the best games. The game is fun and competitive, and you won't have to chase stray balls all the time.

16. The decorations are on-brand and fun.

Make your stand attractive by hanging banners with your logo, covering a wall with brand-branded wallpaper, and adding little touches that demonstrate your brand identity.

17. Holiday touches

Are you holding your event during Halloween? To give your stand a seasonal flavor, consider adding a spooky pumpkin and some novelty spider webs.

18. Arcade games

They are primarily associated with pretentious craft beer bars, but as long as you're playing Pac-Man or Streetfighter, people will not turn them down.

19. Gif Photo Booths

If you are looking for "fun product ideas for your exhibition booth", GIF Booth is one of the great options. GoKapture install and execute GIF booths all across India. With our GIF booth, few pictures are taken, and converted instatly into a quick branded GIF video. Which can be shared on social media or whatsapp instantly. Which provides you word of mouth publicity and engagement at the event.

20. Slow Motion video Booth

Give something for which your visitors remember you forever. Visitors come in a group can shoot a quick slow motion video, which can be forwarded to them through a QR code and they can further share in their network.

21. Live stream of events

Do you want to make your event more visible and reachable on social media? Follow these steps. Publish your event, interview, performance instantly. Facebook and other social media platforms allow you to publish full live streams.

22. Custom notebooks

Branded notebooks are stand out of the box. Providing them to visitors to your stall will increase foot traffic.

23. Plants

Positive effects of plants on our well-being have been documented. If they're relevant to your business, adding some to your stand might make visitors feel more at ease. And some of them look pretty, too.

24. Printing T-shirts

A lot of people are talking about t-shirt printing at events. When visitors can design their own, branded t-shirts, they quite like the concept. With nothing to lose, they'll flock to your stands with all their silliest ideas.

25. Fast-paced networking

The chairs, tables, five-minute talks, and business card exchange, followed by a change of tables. Make new connections in minutes.

26. Green Screen Photo Booth

With Green Screen Photo Booth, every picture will have a unique touch. With our Green Screen Background, you can set a picture of your guests' choice, such as their favorite place, their favorite decoration, their branding, etc. Using an instant photo printer you can choose your backdrop and save on the cost of the backdrop.

27. Celebrity guest

The idea of a celebrity can be stretched in this context, but if guests hear that a famous person is in the vicinity, your stand will be bustling.

28. Refilling water bottles

Keep a water cooler stocked throughout the day so people can fill up their bottles and earn some points for being environmentally friendly.

29. Complimentary water bottles

If you love turtles, give branded reusable water bottles!

30. Knowing, Liking, and Trusting

It doesn't make sense for the first thing a salesperson says when someone walks by a booth to be anything about the product or service. People want to do business with those they like, trust, and know, so a salesperson's first introduction should not focus on the product or service. The focus should be on establishing rapport and establishing a connection. What do they enjoy most about the event? Find out about their background and where they live.

31. Meeting location

With some tables and chairs, you can create a sectioned-off area where people will want to meet. At large corporate events, a secluded area will be appreciated. Your visitors often have a limited amount of space - make it easier for them.

32. Golf simulators

Golf simulators are popular among guests. It's like having your virtual driving range, where you don't have to worry about balls, cleanup, or drama, just a golf club-shaped area that you control and a big screen. Guests could challenge one another.

33. Coffee

Everyone is tired. You, me, and everyone else. Make your visitors feel better by offering them some brown liquid. Make sure someone with a smile pours the coffee for extra authenticity.

34. Listen and Apply

You will often hear people subtly explain their problems. They may not be aware that they are doing it. When you ask them about the show, for example, they may not be aware that they are doing it. Despite telling you they enjoy it, they are often interrupted by questions from the office. Having this kind of confidence can be invaluable for a vendor who sells productivity software. You can keep trust by exercising restraint. You don't have to sell hard; wait until they ask what you sell, and then tell them you help incredibly busy people get more control over their day so they don't have to be swamped with work. You just established a connection.

35. Make sure they stay connected.

Develop knowledge, trust, and a positive impression of your business by giving qualified attendees a reason to spend time in your booth. They will be there for longer if you build a connection with them and get them interested in what you are offering. Take advantage of this time to learn more about them and how best to market to them - before introducing the next step in the process. Plus, when they talk to you, they don't talk to your competitors, so having them at your booth will make you look more popular, making others wonder what they're missing out on.

36. Engagement

You must engage people instantly once they approach your stand. Engage visitors in fun, informal conversation with games and competitions. For more information about how to engage a visitor and turn them into a customer, read our lead capture guide. We all love competitions - why not offer wheel of fortune prizes, which are eye-catching and popular with attendees. Your business will benefit from their ability to engage visitors and get them talking about your business. This game is great because everyone wins - you can offer grand prizes with a mix of small and medium prizes, such as branded promotional merchandise like branded notepads and sweets. There are physical spinning prize wheels as well as virtual ones!

37. Create a conducive environment

Make your exhibit hall stand out by planning your complete exhibition environment. With items like exhibition carpets, furniture, and custom selfie frames, you can create a space with an authentic reflection of your brand. If you want to create a relaxing environment, you could build beanbags and soft furnishings in a lounge area.

38. Provide Free Wi-Fi

Your exhibitor's Wi-Fi should be fast and reliable so that you, your team, and your visitors can stay connected without having to rely on the venue's Wi-Fi. You can find more information about choosing the right Wi-Fi for your event in our event Wi-Fi guide.

39. Prepare ahead of time for appointments with prospects

Before the event, exhibitors should look over the attendee list and schedule meetings with prospects who will be at the event. Establishing an appointment before the event will make it more likely that prospects will come to your booth.

40. Workshops on the go

Invite visitors to a few informal workshops so that your firm's ideas and strategies can be demonstrated. Free content is always appreciated by conference attendees.

41. Art

Your stand will look more colorful if you add some artwork. Some businesses might benefit from concept art, while others may find it simply helpful. Displays can be more appealing with concept art.

42. The Tower overshadows its competitors

Having a tall stand will help your stand out to delegates. With or without structures, adding height to your exhibition stand will immediately help you command authority, regardless of your budget. Suddenly you'll stand out from all corners of the hall, acting as a magnet and making it clear where you stand concerning your competitors.

43. Create a relaxing environment

Some visitors find events overwhelming due to the buzz and chaos. Marketing messages and sales pitches are constantly blasted at attendees. Provide your visitors with a relaxing and welcoming environment to attract them to your stand. Make sure your stand is straightforward to access. Offer comfortable seating areas. If you provide a place at your stand where attendees can take a break, they are more likely to stop by. A hot drink like coffee will also attract more visitors and allow you to engage them in conversation.

44. Screen for social media

Visitors can see the wacky japes of visitors as they walk past your stand as they tweet and the tweet appears on the screen.

45. Virtual Reality Games

You might consider a fun virtual reality experience where visitors can interact or explore if you have enough space to accommodate movement and prevent accidents from happening.

46. A vehicle of some kind

A JCB, coffee carts, forklift truck, 4x4 car, and more have been seen. A vehicle will make your exhibit stand out if you produce or use cars often. The exhibit will be noticed.

47. Charging stations for mobile devices

This is an excellent idea. Corporate events require people to keep their phones charged at all times, so providing charging stations is a great idea for those needing a little boost.

48. Culture and history

Create leaflets, brochures, and booklets that explain what your firm can do with clear, colorful graphics and good copy. There are several ways to communicate efficiently.

49. Make sure your brand identity is strong

Designing a logo and ordering customized letterheads has become so much more than just creating a brand identity. By doing this, you can express your company values and aesthetics in a way that attracts customers and leaves a lasting impression. Quite possibly this is the first time many exhibition visitors have heard of your company, so this is quite possibly your only chance to leave a lasting impression.

50. Add a component of interactivity

Technology options for exhibition stands have changed drastically over the last decade. So, if you haven't made some effort to give customers the ability to interact with your product digitally, you'll be in the minority. Recent years have seen a rapid expansion of interactive technology available at exhibition stands. Your stand will offer plenty of creative and engaging opportunities for visitors with branded digital games, augmented reality, social media, and digital surveys.

51. The claw crane game

Who stays and who leaves is determined by the claw. It might also encourage people to visit your stand for a chance to win some cool prizes.

52. Maritime Containers

Despite its difficulty in setting up, this is a neat and unique idea that is adaptable and self-contained if you have ample space. It helps companies show off multiple products or services at once. Because the design is modular, various unique environments can be created. These can be enhanced with glass walls and walkways.

53. Modular Lights

By utilizing this modular idea, you can easily change the colors of the modules during an event to accommodate a certain mood or attract the attention of your audience. This flexibility allows you to create interesting or different shapes based on your needs or the space available. Also, the signage is highlighted in the center and at eye level in front of the double-height booth.

54. Interlocking cards

The furniture inside can be connected to the outer stand using interlocking cardboard segments. The design gives the booth more height and dimensions. Simple but effective printed boards complete the booth. Building this idea could fit different dimensions or add extra supports if necessary, although it would probably not be suitable for walkable areas. Brands and exhibitions with a sustainability or eco focus would find this design especially appealing. When dismantled, some of it could be used as quirky seating at future events.

55. The racetrack for Scalextric

Could there be anything cooler? You can race some F1 cars around a track, then put your company's sponsorship sticker on them. It's cool!

56. Subscribe to your service automatically

It's usually a lengthy process to sign up for your service, so why not let visitors sign up right on your stand and skip some of the hassles? How about that?

57. It's silent disco time

An entire group of people dancing in silence is weirder than anything else. It is certainly eye-catching, however.

58. Identify and attract your ideal client/customer

A lot of exhibitors choose awesome swag for their booths, but you should aim to promote a campaign that attracts the right people from the start. A drip marketing campaign can help increase interest and generate buzz before an event and send people who are likely to buy to your booth if it is permitted by the organizer. Tire-kickers shouldn't consume your salespeople's time unless you're there to gain exposure and name recognition.

59. Provide comfort

People will stay longer if the booth is comfortable. This will benefit you if your product has a longer sales cycle than five minutes. Your salespeople should not stand behind long tables and pass out brochures. Nowadays, a booth should be open and inviting. Consider a lounge setting.

60. Take a selfie in a photo booth

Selfie photo booths are the most popular and reliable photo booths in the world, offering over 60 different photo templates. These make great souvenirs or return gifts for your guests. Selfie photo booths can be enjoyed by people of every age group. IPad Photo Booth, DSLR Photo Booth, and Ring Photo Booth are also named for it.

61. Magic Mirror Photo Booth for Exhibition

A smart mirror that can click and print out photos instantly in the form of beautiful personalized photo templates that is interactive, good-looking, and five feet tall would be an ideal solution. You should give it a try at your wedding or another social event. It adds a great deal of engagement.

62. A roof that overhangs

Stand designs that incorporate high custom builds are excellent for companies with big budgets and bold statements. By extending the branding and colors of this roof, the space appears to be branded without sacrificing openness.

63. The big billboards

The simplicity of giant billboards is their effectiveness. This booth interestingly combines levels and signage by featuring branded barriers, temporary canopy stands, and large billboards that appeal to attendees by providing an array of different opportunities to interact and enjoy the stand.

64. Faux outdoor scenes

Their wine-related booth design incorporated a vineyard element to tie in with the Vine expo. There are crosshatch plants above the booth to add to the theme. The company incorporated signage between the plants. Combined the high d├ęcor with the low-living wall and printed wall designs, which are enhanced by the lighting. As you walk between the vines and visit a real vineyard using this idea, you get the same intimate feeling as if you were there in real life, except it's modern and abstract

65. Virtual Photo Booth

It allows you to click, customize, and share photos from anywhere in the world using a mobile device, laptop, or tab. As it is virtual, you can engage a global audience or one scattered around the world. Making buzz before and during an event is cost-effective & useful. If "Google did it, you should too."

66. The 360 Degree Photo Booth

Also known as the 360 Degree Spin Photo Booth is always in demand worldwide. Everyone loves to flaunt it since it is easy to use and produces excellent results. A rotating camera arm films the guest(s) from all angles as they stand on a platform. A later version of the video can be slowed down and accompanied by background music.

67. Give away something attendees will notice

You should give your prospects a reason to stick around, especially if your strategy involves time commitment. People will be tempted to put something on or use on the exhibit floor if you give them something to wear or use. You will be asked where they got it by other attendees. Voila! You have an audience. However, be sure to tie the swag into the services you provide. They're doing you a favor by listening to what you have to say, so make it good and pique their interest while you're at it.

68. Keep in touch with your existing clients

Be wary of assuming that you'll receive visits from existing clients. You have a limited amount of time with them, so make sure you give them a good reason to see you. Offer valuable giveaways as a way to accomplish this. Make sure you give them something worth keeping like portable chargers or reusable coffee mugs since their bags probably contain pens and key rings that will likely land in a trash can right after the show. Your products or services can also be discounted. The existing relationship will be strengthened as well as clients will feel valued. Be sure to update your email signature as well! Make your stand number and the show logo known to your existing contacts.

69. A digital mosaic

With all for one and one for all. Install Mosiac to give your guests a sense of integration into the event. The pictures of every guest will be displayed on an LED screen or smart tv as a big picture. You can use your company logo or a picture of the newlyweds as the final picture.

70. Social Walls

Showcase the engagement on social media. Facebook Mentions, Instagram Hashtags & Twitter Hashtags are captured by our Social Wall software, displaying all the posts live on a digital screen. To be featured on the Social Wall, you need to post your views, videos, photographs, or other media on social media.

71. Stickers

Give out some nice, branded stickers to visitors. Stickers are popular because they can be put on notebooks, books, and laptops to give them a touch of personality.

72. Slingshot Activity.

There's nothing like bringing back childhood memories with a twist. Your guests will have the chance to give feedback or even post a selfie on social media as they take a shot with the sling. The post flies upwards and gets stuck.

73. Artistic Designs or Illusions

Get attendees talking about your booth by including the weird and wacky. Use effects and illusions to make the booth memorable. You can also feature a prize wheel to make it more eye-catching.

74. DIY and rustic trends

We love pallets because they can be designed in so many ways. As an alternative way to display products, signs, or artwork, they are now making their way into exhibitions as a unique, rustic way to display furniture or event entertainment.

75. Neon Secrecy

Encourage attendees to approach your booth by enclosing it, so they must enter or get closer to see what you are offering. The fun and engaging neon party idea leaves attendees with something to show off after leaving your booth, directing others to come and take a look. Booths in a tent provide an alternative to shell schemes, but either way, secrecy makes attendees more likely to visit your booth. Having an incentive or idea that adds value to the experience inside your booth will help get the word out about your booth.

76. When you ask questions, make sure they are hot-topic questions on social networks.

Ask questions that are hot-topic on social networks. The questions can either be related to your industry or simply be fun. You'll have more interest in meeting them at your booth if they see your personality. Make sure attendees know where to find you by using a number pneumonic.

77. Give to charities

Do you have any ideas on how to turn your booth sales into a charitable event? Your favorite charity should be informed that some of the proceeds will go to you. This kind of marketing is effective - and it's for a good cause! By offering their money only to the charity if they attend the event, this tactic can be used to sway people on the fence to purchase.

78. Advertise on the Mobile Event App with Premium Ads

An effective investment would be banners or premium ads within the mobile app if the event has one. Attendees will not have to remember booth numbers that way. Every time they open their app, they will see a reminder of it.

79. Layout of the stand

You need to arrange your booth components most effectively to maximize your booth space. A pop-up stand, branded tablecloth, iPad stand, and leaflet dispenser, for example, will all add to the booth's overall design and layout. Taking a few days before your exhibition to experiment with different layouts is a good idea. Arrange everything in your office so you can test it out.

80. Use customer testimonials and social proof

Neither a company employee nor an independent salesperson is more convincing. Introduce your customers to a prospect at your booth after they come by, give them the gift mentioned above, and step out of the way. Sales will follow glowing recommendations. Ensure that your customers know your prospects.

81. Ads on social media

You can segment your audience with social ads, unlike hashtags, so that a specific group sees your message. These ads will also provide insight into how many people clicked through to your site. If you choose to use social ads, do more than just provide your booth number in the ad. Your booth should give attendees a compelling reason to visit, and the messaging should appeal to the audience you most want to attract.

82. Strip photo booth.

The Strip Photo Booth is like a physical GIF. It's a very rich and beautiful concept that your guests will love n flaunt. Three to four photos are taken back to back and printed in a strip that's about 3"x8".

83. An attractive glossy brochure

There is something quite nice about looking through a glossy brochure full of images and text that make your brand pop. The experience is enhanced if you select the images and text yourself free of charge from an exhibition stand.

84. A stuffed animal

Adorable! Sweet! Featured! Your child will love this gift!

85. Staff should be rewarded

Your exhibiting experience can be transformed if you reward your employees appropriately. You must portray a positive image of your company in all aspects of your staff, including their professionalism, friendliness, and confidence to attract customers. If your staff performs well, consider rewarding them. They'll stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout the day. Alternatively, you can run a friendly competition for your staff, with a prize for the person who registers the most leads. This can come in the form of a restaurant voucher or a paid day off. Tell your staff how the exhibition will benefit the company and make your objectives clear. Knowing how much effort you're investing in the show will motivate your staff much more.

86. Participate in online communities

On the event circuit for your industry, social media can provide useful information and insider tips. Join events and show trader Facebook groups in your niche. It is often necessary to request your inclusion in these 'closed' or 'private' groups.

87. Make connections with visitors

Events offer the best opportunity to showcase your brand voice. Ideally, you should strive to delight your customers by being the exhibitor that makes attendees feel great. Great interaction with one of your teammates is more likely to be remembered than any other factor. That's why it's important to staff your event with friendly representatives.

88. Provide them with an incentive

Consider ways to ensure your visitors go home and "think about" the purchase on the day they visit instead of converting on the spot. Can you offer incentives to sign up on the day of the event? Are there any special offers or discounts? If yes then go ahead with this great idea.

89. Become familiar with your local area

To find potential events, use local resources, such as your Chamber of Commerce, guilds and societies, or even libraries and community groups.

90. Packing

To promote your presence at the event, you could include a Flyer in your packages. To encourage your customers to visit your booth, consider offering an exclusive discount - for example, a 10% off at your booth or a rebate on tickets.

91. Graphic Design

You should ensure the graphics on all of your display components are of the highest quality. A display stand with blurry or pixelated graphics and small text will hold back many potential customers.

92. Photobooth with augmented reality

The latest technology photo booth is the augmented reality photo booth. Your favorite celebrity will appear on the screen or you will be at your favorite location. Content is created around your brand that is engaging. This is a must for brands with celebrity ambassadors or travel brands.

93. Photobooth with 360-degree freeze

If your space allows, 360 freeze or 180 degree freeze are good options to wow your exhibition visitors. Multiple cameras are placed in a circle, and all the cameras click pictures simultaneously. And final output is a GIF file, which can be shared with the visitors instantly.

94. Wayfinding

It can be very frustrating for attendees and vendors who are waiting for an audience when attendees do not know where they are going. De-clogging the exhibition space can be greatly improved by improving the wayfinding at your next event. GPS-powered maps may appeal to some, while static images may appeal to others. Chatbots may even help guide your visitors. Some of these ideas are likely incorporated into the best wayfinding solutions. A show attendee with particular interests may not be interested in meandering the show floor. Music events like The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), where sound and music professionals meet to network, have a specific audience with specific meeting objectives. To help attendees move efficiently between meetings, event organizers worked to develop an app that would help participants define the most efficient path between booths.

95. Organize a fishbowl raffle

Your booth can provide a prize draw by asking attendees to drop their business cards into a fishbowl and then come back later for the prize draw. Prizes can range from a bottle of wine to a trial of your product. Contact information is collected and attendees are encouraged to return later on to see if they have won a prize, giving you another opportunity to engage them.

96. Competition in social media

You can instead hold a contest on social media to win your products and services if you want to focus your booth on serious content. The attendees of your booth could use the QR code to quickly submit their entries, and they receive an extra entry just for being there in person!

97. Giveaways for Sign-Ups

As a giveaway, focus on a larger prize and collect information so you can follow up with potential leads and prospects. You could give bonus entries to people who sign up for services such as newsletters or updates by simply signing up for an email list.

98. Don't stay behind the booth

Being helpful to potential clients is the best thing you can do for your business. Take the time to talk to them. Take a walk. Be helpful to them. Don't forget to wear your brand. The people you help will associate your business with your help even if you don't mention your product.

99. Drive a green car before you make the switch

You should walk through your booth plan thoroughly before attending any event and getting everything set up. Talk about your booth design, giveaways, collateral, attendees, and (most importantly) any presentations and/or demos that will take place there. To make sure your branding and messaging are carried through all aspects of your booth and presentation, it's important to take a good, high-level look at the months' worth of work and planning leading up to the event. Prepare yourself. If you forgot to print out anything before you arrived, you probably won't have time to redo your presentation or search for a good printer before the show floor opens.

100. Provide Appropriate Staffing

The worst thing about walking through a trade show floor and seeing empty booths is the overcrowding of staff and the under engagement of prospects. Send the RIGHT number of team members to each event you participate in, and ensure that they are capable of working a booth for the long hours required. If you want to make a lasting impression on people, make sure you have the right people in your booth.

101. Live demonstrations

Through live demos at your booth, you can let your technology do the talking. A great opportunity for launching new products or demonstrating and troubleshooting products based on audience demand. There are various areas in the booth where innovation can be showcased. The interaction with the product and the ability to ask questions of the experts will be appreciated by customers.

102. Sharing knowledge live

Demonstrations draw attention, but that doesn't mean you can't use this drive at your trade show booth just because your product doesn't fit a demonstration. You can start mini-sessions where you describe how to do things related to your product or service. Consider a mini-seminar on building a platform or an audience if you sell marketing automation.

103. Make sure your prospects are qualified

It's important to keep quality in mind when attending trade shows. Getting sucked into generating maximum traffic can be easy, but you must remind your team members that your primary goal is to speak with quality prospects. Ask those passing by your booth whether they have heard of your brand (or are even interested in it) by being non-intrusive. If not, introduce yourself by telling me who you are and what you do. You may want to ask them what they do to determine whether they might be a potential future customer or even a partner, or whether they hold any purchasing authority.

104. Don't be boring

You must not only be well prepared for the event and have the requisite team members to work the booth, but you also must ensure that the booth itself is a show-stopper. Nowadays so many booths are passed by because their giveaways are lame, or their booths themselves are not appealing. You may think things like that are superficial, but they negatively impact your company's credibility. The standard look of booths includes tables, chairs, and demo pods, but take steps to differentiate your booth from the rest. Create a story around your booth. To entice social media buzz, a consistent theme is the best way to convey this.

105. It's all about the brand

If your booth has a dramatic or evocative theme, make sure you don't lose your brand. Make sure your booth theme matches your brand, and let attendees see your branding. Display your logo clearly at all entrances to your booth or hang it above your booth so people can easily identify you. Trade shows require strong branding. Here's your chance to introduce yourself to thousands of people who may have never heard of you before. Every last touch of your brand should be woven into everything you do in the booth, from the clothes you wear to the giveaways you give away.

106. Swag to die for

Often, t-shirts or thermal mugs are given away as promotional items by exhibitors. Freebies are an excellent way for exhibitors to attract visitors to their stands. Learn what the rules are for exhibitors before selecting swag. Are foods permitted? Are there any restrictions? You can attract a lot of attention with well-chosen swag and have attendees at the expo hall hunting for you.

107. Information Hunt

Create a contest in which there is a chance to win a large prize. Answer attendees' questions with information found on the company's website or YouTube channel before they visit the booth (i.e., information found on the website). In addition to helping the person become more familiar with the company, this will provide you with additional opportunities to engage with them before speaking at the event. They will be registered for a giveaway of an amazing prize at the booth where they submit their forms and questionnaires. It should be worth the effort if the rewards are something worthwhile, such as airline tickets or a vacation.

108. Photobooth with anti-gravity

We can't take you to space since we are not Elon Musk. In Anti Gravity Photo Booth, you will feel like you are floating in space without gravity. Create the most engaging content around your brand that will go viral on social media.

109. Physiological Mosiac

Here are some bits and pieces! Something is charming and engaging about physical Mosiac. This activity makes your event attendees feel good by providing them with the simple and enjoyable task of clicking their photos and pasting them on a marked board. It can also create a beautiful picture of a couple or your company logo.

110. Mini-golf is a lot of fun

A miniature golf course is a great way to display your branding and signage. It is possible to award prizes for holes in one's, amazing shots, lucky holes, and just good sportsmanship. To make prizes more memorable and reinforce your marketing objectives, make them related to you and your brand.

111. Use of social media

Social media can be integrated into the exhibition in several ways. Afterward, tell people to take the codeword and come to the booth for a special prize. Follow me and share a secret clue or a special codeword.

112. Check-in for the win

Offering a "check-in for the win" contest can get attendees to pay even more attention to your event booth. Using social sharing, this game aims to create buzz around your booth. Offer a special prize or enter the person into a drawing for something spectacular if they check-in at your booth and use the hashtag for the event (or your hashtag).

113. Lounge R&R

The 'R&R lounge' will attract attendees when it offers to charge stations, comfortable seating, soft lighting, refreshments, and other items to comfort the fatigued attendee. In exchange for an email login or a chat with a rep, visitors get admission to this exhibit hall oasis. Try pinging your ideal clients on the event app and inviting them to join your 'guest list' for a twist on exclusivity.

114. Plugs and workspace

Plugs and adapters can be added to your event booth to transform it into a workstation. Today, most attendees balance their personal and professional lives. A person may be required to do some work or check-in, even at an event that is meant to be fun. When they have a convenient and comfortable place to do it, they are more likely to stay on the exhibit floor rather than return to their rooms. By creating an exchange around the experience, you ensure that they don't just go into your space and leave without engaging with you. If you want people to access the space, ask them to provide their email addresses to sign up. You could also ask people to use the hashtag for your event to post about it on social media (or another of your choice).

115. Launch of a new product

When launching a product or service, you can announce it at a trade show. It will be easier to announce if people Livestream it. Just the honor alone can motivate many people. Marketing the product launch and encouraging people to share it is all you need to do.

116. Floating bubbles

We all revert to kids when we see bubbles in the air, so a cheap bubble machine can work wonders. Adding some childlike fun to your booth can draw people in and give it that cheery feeling, which is perfect if your brand image is cheery.

117. Tricksters/Magicians

Especially with tricks that guests haven't seen before, a magician, card, or urban trickster can add a wow factor and leave a lasting impression. Add an interactive element to the booth experience to make it truly memorable. It doesn't stop at drawing crowds.

118. A mini massage

Relax your attendees by offering a mini-massage at your booth so that they can take a break, relax, and feel comfortable, which will allow them to associate your brand with these feelings. In general, professional masseurs will provide you with signage at your booth advertising their services in exchange for payment. Both brands can benefit from this as long as they complement each other and do not compete.

119. Stories from Brand Ambassadors

Please invite people who are already saying good things about your products or services to participate in the product demo and share their experiences. Alternatively, you can invite them to be part of a panel discussion to tell their stories if you have any time on stage.

120. The TechBar

Have you recently been to Minneapolis? Minneapolis International Airport is taking advantage of the demand for connectivity among travelers. At the airport, you can now order food and watch the latest sitcom while working on an iPad. Profit from this precedent to gain the attention of tech-savvy prospects (or even simply people who just want to see what's going on on their social channels). People are more likely to stay if they can recharge their devices at a technology bar. When attendees feel relaxed at your booth, they will be more likely to talk to you about your business or products.

121. Entertainment at booths

Entertaining attendees does not require you to be a performing monkey, but it does create a more relaxed and fun environment. Invest in hired entertainment to energize your booth. Entertainers like these do more than just enthrall your audience, they become a vital part of your demo team. You can have fun replicating those late-night infomercials with the over-the-top personalities in a lighthearted, but most importantly informative way.

122. Activities involving bobbleheads

Do you want to give your guests something that they will never forget? The Personalized Bobble Heads are the perfect return gift. Bobbleheads are loved by all. Bobbleheads, also known as dancing heads, are a sure-fire way to get everybody's attention at any event.

123. Boomerang Photo Booth

All types of events can benefit from Boomerang Booths because it is easy to use by all age groups and produces excellent results. Boomerangs can be shared via email, WhatsApp, or any social media platform.

124. Product Samplers

You don't have to make food to use this concept, but attendees love free food and drinks. There are all kinds of samples people like, just look at the success of all of those subscription boxes.

125. Sources of Trade Information

Charge attendees for items and provide their contact information. If you exchange an email and a number, you could get a meal in return. Have your social posts mention you so people can buy your items. Otherwise, you could simply ask people to sign up or leave their contact information so they can get access to the open bar. Water bottles, popcorn bags, protein bars, and miniature foods are among the common exhibition-friendly drinks. Cocktails and wines are also popular depending on the type of event.

126. Make your brand stand out with packaging!

Make your packaging stand out to increase brand awareness and traffic. Attendees who see where their peers got the water will actively seek you out, adding to your list of contacts and leads and helping you justify the cost of the service. Worried that you may not be the only one providing this service? Offer vegan options, sustainably sourced ingredients, or a healthier alternative, such as antioxidant-infused chocolate.

127. Vibrant Colors

People will be drawn to your booth by a bold color scheme. When it comes to attracting attention, bright colors tend to appear more inviting and inviting and are harder to ignore.

128. Art Installations/Living Walls

You can easily create these on a low budget, since you can build living walls yourself, and they will help give your booth more depth and dimension. Attendees would also find live art installations interesting and would enjoy having their picture taken with the model or subject.

129. Various themes

A theme that corresponds to your brand message can cause a stir if done correctly. Getting it done does not have to break the bank; it all comes down to commitment! Be creative and think of small, quirky details to leave an impression. Consider a wider theme if your budget allows. The boat idea was inspired by a real estate developer who wanted to promote one of their latest projects, "Colors of Venice." Sandy and blue colors make up the base of the stand, while the boat itself appears to be sailing away. On top and in the decks, the attendees can take a closer look at models of the upcoming project.

130. Lounging/Seating

A bean bag, beach chair, or camping chair can be a cost-effective seating option that will always be appreciated by attendees who have been walking for hours. You can use a lounge to encourage people to congregate and to talk with them, get their interest, and potentially make a sale.

131. Lighting and Chandeliers with LEDs

Lighting effects can make a big difference, especially if they change color. Designed with a seating area, double-height backdrop, and ceiling decorations that feature the company's logo, colors, and message. In addition to digital displays, the large backdrop is also used for printed displays at the exhibition to showcase the business and its products.

132. Gratitude is always appreciated

Send a follow-up letter or message as a thank-you. You can establish some feel-good vibes by focusing on what you gained from the conversation with them. According to popular psychology, they may like you more if they think you did them a favor.

133. Software & Desks for Event Registration

Your events will run smoothly with our customizable registration software. Providing on-site registration as well as generating QR codes and printing badges is all part of the process.

134. Gamification of events

Gamification drives desired actions positively. A gamified experience can drive more traffic to your show floor. In gamification, people are encouraged to collect points and level up using game mechanics. Games are addictive and compelling because of things such as competition, progression, and a mix of short- and long-term rewards. Showcase a leaderboard on the show floor and in the event app to add a social element to the game. The top networkers being recognized will motivate others to compete for the same spot. Finally, promote the gamification and the exhibit hall to generate even more excitement. Your vendors can sponsor games or challenges by offering them bonus points for social sharing.

135. Flipbook Photo Booth

Flipbooks may seem like a hard task to create, but we can. And we have done it many times. Whoever thought of the idea is a whiz kid. Guests of yours will be able to instantly download Flip Books with a complete setup.

136. Magazine Photo Booth

Whether it be the cover of Forbes magazine or a photo on the front page of your local newspaper, we can instantly make that happen at your events. We come with a complete setup and provide great frames to your guests that will be a point of pride for them.

137. Photobooth with light painting

The light painting photo booth generates a stunning light painting photo of your guests, which will leave them blown away once they experience it and see the results.

138. Sketch photobooth

With instant sketch Photobooth, your guests will receive their sketches instantly rather than waiting for hours for an artist to complete their sketch. Make your guests feel special by booking a sketch photobooth today!

139. Get personal recommendations for design

Ask your business friends who they used for their artwork, and how great the service and turnaround time was. Illustrators and designers often have local clients, especially if they're freelancers or small agencies.

140. Take pictures with Word cloud

A thousand words are worth one image, according to an old saying. But what about an image made of words. That must be something, right? Our software turns your images into word clouds and prints them out instantly for your guests.

141. Show Off Your Skills

Consider speaking or conducting a workshop at the event or exhibition to show off your skills and expertise and place yourself in the minds of the visitors to your stand as an expert who can answer their questions.


Building long-term relationships with clients and loyal advocates can be made much easier with a booth at a conference. It is not enough to have a booth set up; you will also need to develop an innovative strategy in conjunction with experts in your sector who are familiar with event organizations. Right now is the perfect time to start planning your strategy to increase the amount of traffic to exhibitor booths. At GoKapture we aim to cater great experiences that deliver tangible results based on your needs and goals. Get in touch to learn more.

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