135 Unique Indian Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Weddings in India, are more like festivals wherein the entire family gathers and enjoys. There is laughter, joy, love, warmth, intimacy, but also, melancholy. Indian weddings are a full-fledged package of emotions and amusement, from Sangeet to Vidaai. However, with amusement comes responsibility. Nowadays, guests like different varieties of fun activities in all the functions. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 135 Unique Indian Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests for all the events at your wedding. Listed below are 23 fantastic sangeet ideas, 28 tipsy cocktail party ideas, 20 incredible Mehndi function ideas, 21 mesmerising haldi function ideas, 20 cool reception ideas and 23 amazing ideas to light up your wedding ceremony.


23 Ideas for Indian wedding sangeet

  1. Titles and awards

    You think that uncle and aunty were the best dancers, or, the bride’s niece is everyone’s favourite? Tell them. Make your sangeet memorable by giving titles and awards to individuals as well as couples.

  2. Girl’s family v/s boy’s family dance competition

    Let the girl’s side and the boy’s side show their dancing skills one by one. Make sure you keep an unbiased judge!

  3. Bring the ring

    Enthral your guests with this upgraded form of hand ring toss. The board will act as a hilarious photo booth as well!

  4. Antakshari

    This game would never get old. Play antakshari among the family and you’ll find hidden bathroom singers.

  5. Anti Gravity Booth

    Have you ever imagined your life without gravity? Get the anti-gravity photo booth and take your guests on a trip to space.

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  6. Magazine Cover Booth

    How would your guests feel if you tell them that they have been featured on the Forbes magazine cover? Interesting, right! Gift your guests a picture of themselves on a magazine with the Magazine cover booth.

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  7. Couple dance

    No pre-wedding party can end without a dance performance of the groom and the bride. A professionally well-choreographed dance can be a cherry on the cake.

  8. Karaoke

    Karaoke might sound a little common. But, it is the heartthrob of a good cultured party even today.

  9. Virtual Photo Booth

    The pandemic has reduced mobility because of which many guests won’t be able to join the celebration. Make them a part of all the events with the virtual photo booth. You can offer your guests to use the Virtual Photo Booth for all the functions.

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  10. Fashion show

    Nobody is unaware of the fact that young girls just love fashion shows. Give them a chance to flaunt in their expensive outfits!

  11. Tug of war

    For an outdoor celebration, what’s better than a tug of war between the girl’s and the boy’s side? Tell the elderlies to be ready to relive their childhood.

  12. Live ludo

    Nobody would’ve thought that even ludo can be fun when you are your own token. Roll the dice and start jumping.

  13. Flash mob

    Never heard of a flash mob? It is basically a planned yet sudden arrival of a group of people who come out of nowhere and steal the show with their coordinated dance moves. Your relatives won’t see this coming.

  14. Funky photobooth

    Set up a funky photo booth with different vehicles and props. You can also consider framed photo booths.

  15. Musical chair

    Musical chair is among the favourite party games of this century. Make sure all your guests, from kids to the oldies, participate.

  16. Statue dance

    If you’re looking for a zero budget game for your sangeet ceremony, this is the one. You just have to dance and freeze when the music stops.

  17. Romantic slow dance at the end

    Irrespective of how old they are, couples love slow dances. End your Sangeet celebration with a beautiful couple-dance on a romantic song. Don’t forget to dim the lights!

  18. Selfie photo booth

    If your guests are photo freaks, this is the perfect photo booth for them. Selfie or DSLR photo booth offers above 50 templates for that one perfect shot.

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  19. GIF/ boomerang photo booth

    In this era of influence, who doesn’t love boomerangs? Arrange for the boomerang photo booth for all your Instagrammer friends.

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  20. Whistles to cheer

    As we all know, whistling and hooting totally boost up the energy in the air. Arrange the seats with whistles on the sides for the non-dancers to cheer.

  21. Dancing slippers

    This can be a saviour for the high heel ladies. Arrange pairs of slippers of different sizes and let the women dance with comfort.

  22. Shoot or shot

    This can be a saviour for the high heel ladies. Arrange pairs of slippers of different sizes and let the women dance with comfort.

  23. Limbo

    Ladies with a long dupatta, just go limbo! The dupatta gets lower and lower, and the boys have to dance and pass through without touching it.

28 Classy cocktail party ideas

  1. 360 spin booth

    We all know, a 360 degrees shot makes up the perfect Instagram post. But, you don’t have to hang your camera to the ceiling fan if that’s what you’re thinking. The 360 spin booth has got you covered.

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  2. Make it a pool party

    Instead of hosting a typical cocktail party, you should host a pool cocktail party for your guests to booze in the pool.

  3. Pop champagne to begin

    Express your joy and wild excitement by popping a champagne bottle to begin the cocktail party. Make sure you shake it well!

  4. DJ request box

    Direct the DJ to play the songs that your guests wish to move their feet on. This way, you can be free from the song hassle and have fun.

  5. Bar truck/ van

    Why stay simple when you can be exotic? Turn your cocktail counter into a traditional bar truck or a royal bar van.

  6. Cocktail pani puri shots

    This is the perfect shot for the panipuri lovers. Serve these with vodka and see your guests go tipsy!

  7. Alcoholic chuskis

    Oh you don’t like panipuri? Try our vodka chuskis. But we’re not responsible if your kid grabs one of these.

  8. Giant polaroid photo booth

    Get a fun polaroid photo booth to attract all the attention. This is a unique and affordable way to beautify the venue.

  9. Virtual Paparazzi

    Do you wish to make your guests feel like they are all celebrities? Get the virtual paparazzi setup and make their day.

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  10. Anti Gravity Booth

    You cannot take your guests for a visit to the space. But, you can certainly bring the space at your party venue with the anti-gravity photo booth.

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  11. Magazine Cover Booth

    Are you still looking for that one perfect gift to return the favours of your guests? Give them a portrait of their picture featured on a magazine cover and make them feel like a star.

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  12. Green Screen Booth

    I’m sure all your guests wouldn’t be the same kind of people. Instead of setting up a backdrop, set up the green screen photo booth, and your guests can choose the background that they are fond of.

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  13. Papri chaat in martini glasses

    To keep the feel of the cocktail party alive, serve food in such a way that it reminds the guests to have another drink.

  14. Celebrity impersonator

    Hire a celebrity impersonator to entertain the guests for the night. I’m sure kids would never know.

  15. Beer pong

    There’s no cocktail party without beer pong. The game is nothing but pinball with beer. It is definitely a show-stealer.

  16. Set up a Bowling alley

    There are only a few games in this universe that are enjoyed by both the kids as well as adults. Bowling is indeed one of them.

  17. Customised wine

    Order customised labels for wine bottles so that it seems that the wine is actually custom-made. You can label the wine bottles with funny names, they’d act like a prop for pictures,also on budget.

  18. Tasty mocktails

    Keep a check on your non-alcoholic friends as well. Arrange yummy mocktails for them to enjoy your cocktail party without any FOMO.

  19. Tasting bar

    Create a set up of a bar for tasting different types of alcohol. This will avoid wastage and your guests will know exactly what to drink.

  20. Green Screen Booth

    Are you bored of the regular wedding games? Rent the virtual reality games and make it a totally different experience. Beware! Your guests might drop their jaw on seeing this.

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  21. Fortune cookies

    The best way to end your cocktail party is a sweet giveaway for the guests. Who says no to cookies though?

  22. Personalised cocktail glasses

    Personalise the cocktail glasses of your guests to make them feel special. You can even get them packed as a gift after the party.

  23. Bonfire theme

    Imagine an outdoor cocktail party with a sparkling bonfire. Your guests won’t forget such a party and you can thank us later!

  24. Cocktail playlist

    Create a proper cocktail playlist before the party. Hand it over to the DJ and you can have fun for the entire night.

  25. Have one wow item

    Among all the cocktail drinks, arrange one extremely mouthwatering item. The hangover of that drink would remain for days after the party.

  26. Live band

    Hire a band to perform live at your cocktail party. The rocking concert will rock-on your celebration.

  27. Slowmo video booth

    Slow motion videos have always been a charm for the social media users. If you want that charm in your party, the slow-mo video booth cannot be a no go!

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  28. Globe Photo Booth

    What comes to your mind when you think of the movie “Om Shanti Om”? Do you remember the beautiful globe? Call for a globe photo booth and gift one of those to all your guests.

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20 Fun activities and ideas at the Mehndi Function

  1. Virtual reality games

    Virtual reality games can never be admired enough! If you have some extra budget, you would never regret spending the money on them.

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  2. Physical mosaic

    Mark the presence of all your guests with a physical mosaic. Ask them to take a picture and paste it on the board. It will end up becoming a huge image of whatever you want it to be.

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  3. Dance dumb charades

    Make this a competition between the boy’s side and the girl’s.Going a little out of track from the basic dumb charades, dance dumb charades involves guessing the movie with the most famous dance move associated with it.

  4. Hopscotch

    Hopscotch is an apt game to keep your kids busy. All you have to do is draw blocks and the kids will jump on them.

  5. Hula hoop

    Another fun kid as well as adult activity is hula hooping. Get a couple of hula hoops and watch your guests rotate their waists.

  6. Kids’ table

    Why should grownups have all the fun? Plan for a kids’ table with all the exciting materials such as clay, drawing sheets, colours, markers etc.

  7. Digital mosaic

    Digital mosaic is the smart form of a physical one. The big picture would be displayed on an LED screen. All for one and one for all.

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  8. Light painting booth

    Opposing to what the name suggests, a light painting booth is set up in the dark. Your guests will totally love their picture after adding all the lighting effects and edits.

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  9. Flip book photo booth

    A flip book is a book of pictures that illustrates movement when flipped. Arrange a flip book photo booth and your guests can get their own personalised flipbooks.

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  10. Hashtag printer

    Despite spending a lot on professional photographers, people tend to click pictures on their phone and post them. Hashtag printer prints polaroids of those pictures directly from social media with the reference of just a hashtag, your wedding hashtag.

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  11. Swing for the couple

    Rent a swing for the mehndi function and make the couple sit on it. Decorate the swing with flowers and make them feel like Radha and Krishna.

  12. Wedding merch

    Design some merchandise particularly for your wedding. These can be T-shirts, badges, caps or sunglasses.

  13. Cocktail and Mocktail

    Don’t let your mehndi function go dry! Make arrangements for proper cocktails and don’t forget the non-drinkers.

  14. Make your own bangles

    A mehndi function outfit involves loads of accessories. What could be better than making some of your own? You can also use colours matching your dress.

  15. Nail art professional

    After wearing matching bangles, the ladies would love some designing on their nails. Hire a professional nail artist to grant their wish!

  16. Mehndi contest

    Plan a mehndi contest for both the families. The lady with the most beautiful mehndi, gets a small gift.

  17. Skin and hair care

    Women love taking care of their skin and hair, especially before occasions. Make the mehndi ceremony a boon for the ladies by hiring hair and skin therapists and specialists for manicures and pedicures.

  18. Mehndi doodling

    Leave some of the mehndi cones for the kids. While you have fun, they’ll be busy scribbling and doodling on each other’s palms.

  19. DJ

    What good is a party, if you do not get to dance. Book a DJ for all the wedding and pre-wedding functions.

  20. Live entertainment

    A cool rocking concert in the cocktail party and a traditional classical music performance in the mehndi ceremony is indeed a perfect and classy combination.

21 Haldi function ideas for wedding

  1. Do it together

    The Haldi ceremony would be more interesting if families from both sides are involved. Host a common haldi celebration on behalf of the girl and the boy.

  2. Customised sunglasses

    Get custom goggles for your haldi function. You can even gift them to the guests as a memento.

  3. Funny Placards

    Prepare funny placards for kids and adults. They can simply hold them and take pictures.

  4. Play with dry holi colours

    After all the haldi rituals and spoiled clothes, nobody would say no to some more fun. Add some more colours to your haldi celebration by playing some holi with dry colours.

  5. Strip Photo Booth

    Strip photo booth is more like printing a hard copy of a GIF. Multiple pictures are clicked and attached in a sequence. Your invitees would love it!

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  6. Message basket

    There’s no end to good wishes. Therefore, a message basket to grasp some blessings is a yes.

  7. Jenga

    This is an amazing game to include in your at-home haldi celebration . You can even transform your jenga into massive building blocks for outdoor parties.

  8. Cricket tournament

    Break the ice between the two sides by a pre-wedding cricket match. You can even add some more fun by transforming the grandparents to cheerleaders.

  9. Truth and dare

    Truth and dare is loved by everyone. Make sure you add some funny dares like ‘mimicry of your wife when she’s mad at you’ or ‘show us how your husband snores’.

  10. Wheel of fun

    This simple yet quirky game can add fire to your haldi ceremony. All you have to do is, spin the wheel and do what it says.

  11. Customised badges

    Design badges as a memory for those who were present at your haldi ceremony. You can also customise them with crazy titles and nicknames.

  12. Thermal photo booth

    Install this funky photo booth that fills your picture with false colours. See how you would’ve looked if you wore white instead of red.

  13. Dandiya raas

    What can be a more engaging and fun activity in Indian weddings than a dandiya raas? Grab your sticks and hit the dance floor.

  14. Playing cards

    Enjoy playing different card games with your guests such as callbreak, rummy etc. You can even host a proper casino night!

  15. Flower petal holi

    For those who say no to dry or wet holi colours, make arrangements to play holi with flower petals. It is a totally different feeling.

  16. Choreographed dance performance

    A coordinated dance performance of both sides is definite. Make it a competition between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

  17. Eclectic decor

    Try showing diversity in your decor with different colours, themes, lights and flowers. A broad range of decor welcomes all sorts of guests.

  18. Bohemian style haldi

    Bohemian lifestyle is quite a popular trend these days. Transform your basic Haldi decor into a classy Bohemian decor. Remember, unconventionality is the key!

  19. Origami shenanigans

    Nothing better than origami to give peace to the soul. Keep an origami corner for different origami decorations and chandeliers.

  20. Cute Artificial animals

    Pre- wedding functions are all about fun and pictures. Make your venue photogenic by placing some cutely-dressed artificial animals.

  21. Vibrant bright colours

    Make sure you use bright colours in your haldi decoration to complement the yellow haldi. Yellow with pink tops the list of perfect colour combinations.

20 Unique wedding reception ideas

  1. Candy land sweets station

    While all the ladies and gentlemen have fun, make sure the little ones don’t feel left out. Arrange a dreamy sweets counter for the kids.

  2. Get a bounce house

    Instead of the kiddish Mickey Mouse clubhouse, get a giant bounce house for all the guests to jump in.

  3. Corn hole

    This lawn game involves throwing bags in a hole. You can also upgrade your game by using customised bags and board.

  4. Magic Mirror Photo Booth

    Imagine a smart mirror-like photo booth that knows what and when to click. Isn’t it magical? Your invitees will fall in love with this concept.

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  5. Bocce ball

    If your venue has some lawn space, transform it into a bocce ball court. Grab some balls and score cards and you’re good to go.

  6. Money dance

    In this game, you have to pay to invite someone for a dance and the person cannot say no. Anyone can dance with anyone if he has a hefty pocket.

  7. Magical lighting

    For late night and outdoor reception parties, proper lighting is a must. Use different patterns and types of lights according to the rest of the decor.

  8. Newlywed getaway

    From the beginning to the end, make every second of your wedding celebration memorable. Plan a proper getaway of the newlywed couple after the reception so that they exit in a badass way.

  9. Lanterns

    Lanterns are never too old school. Keep sky lanterns with chits for the guests to write their blessings and light it up in the air. You can also go for floating lanterns for an outdoor venue.

  10. Flip book photo booth

    A flip book is a book of pictures that illustrates movement when flipped. Arrange a flip book photo booth and your guests can get their own personalised flipbooks.

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  11. Strip photo booth

    Strip photos look amazing in your personal diaries. Put up a strip photo booth and give these cute gifts to your guests.

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  12. Live artists to paint

  13. Live soft music

    Make arrangements for some soft music tunes in the background. We all know a tinge of music can be a game-changer.

  14. Photo booth with hilarious props

    Boost up the party fever with some hilarious props. A photo booth with props is the winner on budget.

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  15. Hire aerialists for a pool party

    This might sound a little dreamy but people actually hire aerialists for pool parties. They show various water formations and performances and entertain the audience.

  16. Giant dice

    Get a wooden set of giant dice for your guests to shake it off. You can even sit on them and pose for a picture.

  17. Customised suit liner

    Customise the groom’s suit liner in a way that nobody can imagine. Cover it with a collage of pictures of the couple from the day they met to the day they decided to marry.

  18. Typewriter notes

    Typewriters are long lost, but the gist of typewriting is never too old. Make your guests remember the 90s by providing them a typewriter to write small notes for the newlywed.

  19. Baseball guest books

    You might’ve seen guest books at various parties. But, writing blessings on a baseball would be a one time experience for your guests.

  20. Funky masks

    Look for some cool or funny masks and transform your party into a masquerade. Why stick to the monotonous reception parties when you can have some fun in disguise?

23 Modern Indian wedding ideas

  1. Wedding temporary tattoos

    Let your wedding mark remain for days after it’s over. You can also have small personalised tattoos for the bridal party.

  2. Late night food truck

    Hunger is a reason enough to reduce the enthusiasm of a wedding. The food must go on!

  3. Flower decor mandap with chandelier

    Going a little floral is never out of trend. Decorate your mandap with beautiful roses or orchids. Also, don’t forget a chandelier to glam up the show.

  4. Sticky notes board

    Designate a board for all the guests to write and put up whatever they wish. Arrange pens and notes for the same.

  5. Customised invitation hamper

    Win the hearts of your guests even before the commencement of any wedding ritual. Send them a personalised wedding invitation basket and make them feel special.

  6. Groom entry in a vintage car

    A royal Mercedes might be fun but there’s nothing like an old vintage car. This groom's entry will be indeed unforgettable.

  7. 360 spin booth

    If you hire a photographer, you can only get a front shot. Using the 360 degree spin booth, you can capture the view in 360 degrees.

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  8. Customised monogram

    Create a custom monogram to symbolise your togetherness. Put up the monogram on boards all around the venue.

  9. Local delights

    Serve the city’s local delights to catch up the guests’ favourite foods. Whatever you serve, serve it from the best.

  10. Table serve menu

    Keep the menu card with the food details on all the tables. Also, hire waiters to assist and serve food to your guests.

  11. Map of food counters

    Make sure your guests are provided with a map of different food and beverages counters. You wouldn’t like to see them roam around a little baffled.

  12. Return gift hampers

    Giving return gifts to the guests is a generous way of telling them that you’re glad they took out time and came on your special day. You can also personalise the return gifts by adding sweet and secret messages.

  13. Personalised decor

    Personalising the decor of a venue makes it really close to your heart. Add the things you like and reject the ones that are not your type.

  14. Pictures projection

    Call for a big screen and project a slideshow of all the pictures displaying the couple’s journey. You can even plan for their photoshoot before the big day.

  15. Notes written by guests

    There’s nothing bad about taking the blessings of your well wishers in all ways possible. Keep a big glass jar at the entrance for the guests to write little notes for the couple.

  16. Sufi night

    If ‘Kun Faya Kun’ gives you goosebumps, this is the perfect way to end your wedding celebration. Who doesn’t like a calm ending?

  17. Green vibes in indoor venue

    Select a location to put up a background with loads of greenery to surprise your Instagram viewers. Enhance the view with a neon caption.

  18. Love story board with dates

    A love story board with dates isn’t limited to movies. Put up the couple’s love story and the guests will feel more intimate about the celebration.

  19. Enchanted entrance

    The prime focus of your wedding decor should be the entrance of the venue. First impression is the last impression. Make sure it’s a good one!

  20. Whacky catering plans

    Indians love food. It is even said that a party is remembered by the food and rightly so. Serve a hefty meal course including starters, mains, drinks and desserts.

  21. Virtual Photo Booth

    You’ll be provided with a web link for the virtual photo booth. The link can be accessed on any device. Your guests can click pictures, customise and share them.

    Book Virtual Photo Booth for weddings with GoKapture, now!

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  22. Magic Portrait

    Its a unique magical painting, which will be made by all of your guests together. Still it will come our as perfect as you like.

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  23. Magic Mirror Photo Booth

    We can’t bring Snow White, but we can surely get the magic mirror. Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a high technology mirror that clicks pictures.

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Mostly, marriage for us, is a one-time experience. You can embrace these ideas and make your big day memorable for a lifetime.

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